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A victory yesterday!

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I tend to second guess myself on everything school related, especially when it comes to how MUCH to accelerate my 4th grade 9 year old. Her psych testing when she was 6 was a joke and without the money to have her retested, I'm often flying in the dark, trying to feel my way through to what areas are her strengths. 


I took a chance a couple weeks ago and started using the College of the Redwoods prealgebra text with her, for a number of reasons, but mainly because it was free for me to use and so if it was a big miss, I'd not be out any money. 


She's always resisted math, saying how much she dislikes it, but blowing through concepts like there's no tomorrow. I held her back a lot because of fact fluency issues. Yesterday we hit the lesson on adding and subtracting integers - big long hairy problems with negative numbers subtracted from negative numbers back to back. 


Half-way through her practice problems she came running up to me - "mom! look at this exciting one!" It was one of the longer ones assigned.

Reviewing a couple incorrect answers together later she was eager to rework them (no bad attitude over wrong answers for once!), and then yesterday afternoon she brought out the paper again to work out the problems I didn't assign, telling me how interesting they are! She even brought them in the car to work on when we went to grandparents for dinner.


It might not last past this unit, but at least she's learned that she can enjoy math!!

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Alcumus is free. So are the videos for prealgebra on Alcumus. See if she can find the content on Alcumus that matches the chapter she is currently working on- that could make it even more interesting for her. 

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