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I need help with my diet


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Since I was placed on ADHD medications, areas in my life that revolve around cognition, etc. are much improved.


However, I was never trying to lose weight. I was in a perfectly find position of, "Meh, it'd be nice to lose 5 or 10, but it isn't worth the effort." I was at a weight considered perfectly healthy for my height, build, activity, and age. 


I've never been a huge eater. I just do not care overly much about food. That really wasn't a big deal -- until now. Now, with the adhd meds, I have zero desire to eat. (As much as I love y'all and your advice is solid, I'd rather not discuss me going off the ADHD meds -- I was in a pretty miserable place, emotionally, before them.)


I've been sick pretty constantly for the past couple months. One thing after another. I attributed it to allergies and nasal drip and the start of the school year, when my kids start their activities again and bring all sorts of fun things home with them (or that I catch sitting in the "Mom Room" at dance, lol).



I hadn't put two and two together until I had another visit to Urgent Care last night for yet another illness that seems to skip most of my family (or hits them less). In the past three months or so, they've treated me for an awful sinus infection, bronchitis, and now strep. The doctor on staff for the last two visits, very gently--and kindly--suggested (last night's trip, for strep) that I needed to take better care of myself, and then prescribed me a different antibiotic after making his dx of strep.

I've lost about 20 lbs in the past couple months. He pointed out that my diet is practically non-existent, and that with three special needs kids, I'm burning on fumes, and that it's taking a toll on my immune system.


To top it off, since menopause hit certain medications that were regular "hits" for me, are no longer options. For example, I have awful allergies (hives, non-stop runny nose, etc. for years now) and the post-nasal drip is NOT helping things like my strep and bronchitis -- but I can no longer tolerate zyrtec or allegra. My regular multivitamins with iron (I have a history of anemia) make me nauseous <----- but I think I need to eat a better breakfast and that might fix that problem.


He suggested lots of fresh foods, fruits, etc. And he's right -- even though I keep them in the house for the kids, I can't remember the last time I had an apple or a banana. 


He also suggested a probiotic... but I thought I'd read recently that those were no longer considered a good idea for most?


I need very easy whole-food suggestions. Things I can sit on the counter and remember to grab, because the reality is that when I'm not hungry, I just forget about eating entirely. I need things that are visible, or at least very easy when I'm in the middle of... well, chaos. 


I also need suggestions on "to do" the probiotic or "not to," and why. And if "yes," then what kind, as I've never really shopped them for adults. 

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How about some protein bars and meal replacement shakes? Not ideal but better than not eating. You need a minimum of 60 grams of protein a day and it sounds like you aren't getting that.


Other foods high in protein that are easy are hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, nuts, etc. combine those with an apple or banana or bagged salad.

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I say do the probiotic. I was thinking that before I even read that the doctor said it. There are better ones, but I've had good luck with the Culturelle brand. I take the extra strength, and sometimes even double the dose. It definitely makes a difference for me. I try to take them about 30 minutes before I eat, but most days I just take them when I remember.


The other thing that makes a huge difference is daily vitamin d supplementation in the morning, and a multi vitamin before bed.


And water. Our water is gross, and we have a great filter, but I'm terrible about just getting a glass and drinking some! When I notice I'm going through a spell of not drinking enough, I'll make myself buy a pack of bottled water and drink 8 a day. I really don't like the waste, but it makes me do it and is a very strong visual and convenient option.


On food. I'm terrible about it, too. Things that work well for me to grab are frozen berries, nuts, cheese sticks, microwaveable chicken strips, microwaveable individual Stouffers lasagna, sometimes I'll make muffins and shove as many healthy ingredients in them that I can. I've been known to cut a watermelon in half and put it in a bowl with a spoon stuck in it. I'll eat a few bites whenever I'm in the kitchen. After one baby, who was a very fussy newborn, I pretty much lived on sugar snap peas, watermelon, and walnuts.


When I'm in a rut and realizing I'm not eating much, I give myself permission to eat anything I want. After a few days of totally indulging, I'm usually ready for some real food.


Eta And buy a few really cute dishes that you love, and let them be just yours. My appetite improved when I made it a point to make eating an event again.

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Visible foods on the counter could include fresh fruit, a variety of nuts (we store in mason jars), tomatoes, avocados, whole grain cereals, crackers, and bread, and peanut butter.


In the refrigerator/freezer keep a large tub of plain yogurt (I like to add frozen blueberries to mine), bagged greens with your preferred dressings and toppings (my favorite is spinach with a light raspberry vinaigrette, walnuts, and Gorgonzola), frozen vegetables ready for steaming in microwave, a variety of cheeses, and eggs.


On the weekends or when you have the time, maybe cook some hard boiled eggs, bake some chicken or other meat, clean and chop your favorite fresh veggies, bake some potatoes and root vegetables, etc., so that you can grab and go throughout the week.


I can't help with advice on probiotics, but maybe set a timer on your phone to remind you to eat or just eat every time that you feed your kids.


I hope you feel better soon!

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If your doctor suggested a probiotic, I would take one. If you don't want to take a supplement, then you can eat your probiotics: yogurt (plain and add your own fruit. The sugared kind is not good for you), kefir (a fermented milk drink. I like it poured over frozen berries), kimchi, or sauerkraut with live cultures (Bubbies is one brand. Whole Foods carries it in the refrigerated section. Most sauerkraut has been heated and so has no live cultures.) 


We now know that our gut bacteria influence our weight gain/loss, our moods and so much more. I am sure he suggested them since you've been on antibiotics which play havoc with your normal gut flora. 


Easy foods: Put a bowl of fruit out for you (and another for your kids) on the kitchen table so that you see it and can eat it without thinking about it. 


Nuts: very nutritionally dense and if you eat a couple servings a day, they'll help with the weight gain too. You can also eat nut butters, not just peanut butter, but almond butter etc.  Again I would put a variety that you like out in a bowl someplace you will see them and you can just grab a handful. 


Eggs: You can hardboil eggs and have them in your fridge for a quick snack. 


Other protein: Cook a large batch of skinless chicken breasts or thighs and then freeze them in individual serving sizes. You can vacuum seal the bags without special equipment: Put the meat into a small freezer bag and close most of it, but leave a small opening. Submerge it in cold water right up to the seal. The pressure from the water will force the air out. Seal the bag completely. Pop one out of the freezer and heat in the microwave for 1 1/2  minutes or so. Healthy protein! 


Dark chocolate: The darker the chocolate, the more fat and less sugar and dark chocolate has significant health benefits (unlike milk chocolate.) 


Avocados: You can eat them plain or on toast or on eggs or mash them up and make guacamole, or just buy guacamole. So yummy!



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