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How long should a bottle of eye drops last?


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Prescription eye drops.  A month?  Really?  Huh..  No matter how careful I am, I run out about a week before the end of the month.  I have an extra prescription that is keeping me ahead of the refill date, but dang, what am I doing wrong?!


Any tips I might not have already tried?




I googled....




I had no idea!  So I should be able to refill them early. 

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It seems to me eye drops never last as long as they're supposed to. The pooch recently had a scratched cornea requiring two prescription drops. The vet's instructions were to use them three times a day for fourteen days. They only lasted ten.


They really don't.  And my vision is very poor.  So I miss sometimes.  And it is hard to dose.  I've had some containers that were very drippy and leaky.  Pain.


But apparently I CAN get the new script early.  Gonna go check my on-line thing right now.

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