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Parents' Weekend at your dc's college -- what kinds of activities have they offered?

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A few meals, one of which benefitted the parents' association.

A few ball games.

A question and answer session.

Some raffles.

Some tours.

A walk-run for charity.

A presentation on the college and interviews for any siblings (or visiting students) who didn't want to return for the open house weekend.


Some people travelled quite far to attend. I was glad there wasn't more going on because that gave us plenty of time to visit with our son. Some of his friends from home went up, too, and we got campsites and camped, went out to eat, and generally had a nice time. We also had dinner with his roommate and his mother. It was nice to get to know them better. We had met them at orientation, but that was a bit crazy and everyone was pretty distracted. The only hitch was that it was so hard to leave. I was glad we'd planned to return the next weekend for open house (for the middle child).


Are you going this weekend? How are you all doing?



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*Concerts both nights -- choir groups, a cappella groups, wind ensemble, etc. we got to see our dd sing in a choir for the first time EVER!

*Department open houses -- we have met many of our kids' profs through these

* Reception with the President (missed)

*Jog with the dean of students (missed)

*Football game (missed)

*RUF Reception (very nice and well-attended)

*Opportunity to sit in on some classes (saw one class last year)

*meetings with financial aid (missed)

*appointments with professors (missed)


Probably the things we have enjoyed most at parents' weekends --

1) Meeting some of our kids' profs....and hearing how wonderfully our kids are doing. :)

2) Meeting some of our kids' friends

3) Hanging out with our kids -- seeing where their classes are, seeing their dorm rooms, seeing where their favorite study lounge is, going for a walk around campus, and spending hours and hours over a meal.

4) Going to church with our kids -- I absolutely love the church they are part of.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great visit!

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