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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Youngest has co-op today but DH is dropping him off and picking him up.  Whatever will I do with myself......



-get oldest off to school

-work out?  (really need to get back on this, really no excuse today)


-run to Publix (maybe)

-laundry (whites, towels)

-take oldest to doctor for concussion follow up

-writing tutor comes to house for oldest

-dinner (spaghetti and meatballs)

-be Whole30 compliant


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Good morning!


It's a lovely cool morning here and finally feels like fall.



•run to post office

•unpack subscribe & save boxes that arrived yesterday

•office work (filing & reimbursements)

•order parchment paper and pill pockets

•vacuum & dust

•clean bathrooms

•coffee break with dh this afternoon

•duolingo (I've skipped the last 2 days because I've been so busy and have probably forgotten everything  :tongue_smilie: )

•dd & ds17 Model UN meeting

•dd violin lesson

•dinner: tom kha gai butternut squash soup and salad

•ds18 & I are going to ride horses after dinner  :hurray:

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Kids up & off to the school bus.

Took out the garbage.

Cleaned the kitchen and some other clutter.

Caught up on social media.


Need to pick up at least 1 kid after youth group.

Homework / test study.

1 kid to gymnastics.

Hopefully I can walk while she plays.

Probably more homework, showers and bedtime for the kids.

Work or sleep.



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Good morning! I have been up and out since 5 am. dd2 to practice, coffee, bagels, and paper, and dd2 to school. I have quite a bit to do today.


To do:

Laundry-lots (started)

school with boys

college app stuff with ds2

pick up dd2 and friend- take to interview a restaurant owner for class project

daily chores

jen things if time

ds3 to tennis

dd2 to practice #1/aikido

ds3 to practice #2

friend to sleep over (early field trip tomorrow)

pick up ds3


Have a great day!

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