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CC Dinnertime devotions/family discipleship with teens

Karen A

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We've got two young teens in our family.  When they were younger we had various Bible story books (really liked the Jesus Storybook Bible), which we read at the table several times a week after having dinner together.  We got away from this time for several years, and now the kids are older.  We've started up again, usually spending 10-15 minutes reading/praying after dinner 3-4 times per week.This last year we've been reading through some books of the Bible, a chapter (roughly) at a time, but this seems a bit dry and seldom easy to relate to.  We also read through The Case for Christ for Kids and companion books, which were pretty decent.


I'm wondering if your families have found books/guides/curriculum that could be used in this setting.   I'm not sure if we should try to do some kind of Bible or theology survey, or go through a catechism.  We want it to be foundational and somewhat meaty. FWIW, the kids go to church/Sunday school willingly enough but are not particularly "on fire" spiritually, and do not do Bible reading on their own. They also have always been public schooled. (But I love lurking here anyway :))


Please lead me to some resources.  My Amazon search has led me to this type of book:




The above has one verse, followed by a story and some discussion questions the kids prob. wouldn't want to answer, at least not out loud.  Could be great for a kid's personal devotion time, but I think I want something more meaty for laying a spiritual foundation.




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We enjoyed going through Do Hard Things together as a family. It's not a bible study or devotional, but is about "putting feet to your faith" in a really positive way. Be prepared to follow through with supporting (or working alongside) your teens with whatever hard thing they may be inspired to do after reading the book! 😉

We found that discussion at the dinner table was best with a variety of types of books, rather than trying to do an actual formal Bible study:

devotional/Biblical truths
A Shepherd Looks at the 23rd Psalm
Lessons from a Sheep Dog
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Christian walk, putting faith into practice
The Greatest Among You
Who You Are When No One is Looking -- 
A Long Obedience in the Same Direction -- 

More Than a Carpenter
Mere Christianity

How To Be Your Own Selfish Pig -- beginning worldview
The Deadliest Monster -- worldview
The Universe Next Door -- comparative religion

inspirational biographies
The Hiding Place
Tramp for the Lord

inspirational fiction
Screwtape Letters
The Great Divorce
Hinds Feet on High Places
Chronicles of Narnia
Lord of the Rings

For actual formal Bible study, you might look into Bible Study Fellowship, and see if they have a teen bible study in your town -- you do the adult one, while your teens do the teen one, and you can share/discuss together during the week. Or, you might schedule 30 minutes each morning as the first thing in your school schedule to all work through a formal bible study -- Kay Arthur's How to Study your Bible, and then, Lord Is it Warfare, are 2 good ones. Going through Power of a Praying Teen together as a morning bible study might work, too.

BEST of luck in finding what works best for your family. 🙂 Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Lori--thank you so much for linking all those resources. I agree your suggestion that a book lends to better discussion, in many cases than a scripture text.  I'm looking at all the links, and am particularly interested in the worldview ones.  We've read Narnia, and one of the teens has read the Hiding Place (I LOVE that book).  

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