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What is needed for math in HS?

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My ds is going to community college full time. Last year as a sophomore in high school, he completed college algebra and pre-calculus for college credit. He is not going into a STEM field despite the fact that he is very good at STEM subjects. He has no interest in them despite all the different STEM classes I have tried to interest him in. Does he need more math? I'm specifically thinking about how colleges will look at his transcript. If he did take anything it would be statistics. He would rather take more philosophy classes.



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Many colleges will expect him to continue his math studies throughout his high school years, even if he isn't pursuing a STEM major.  I suggest you take a look at the math requirements at the toughest colleges your dc is likely to attend (requirements for college graduation, not just for admission) and have him take the appropriate courses now.  At best, they'll transfer and he won't need any more later.  At worst, they'll give him a good intro to the tougher courses he'll have to take later.    


He'll likely take a placement test, so keeping up with his math will make that go more smoothly.  Some non-STEM majors will still require more math than he's had.  For example, if he chooses to major in business or any of the social sciences, he will need college credits or to place out of or take a course in finite math and one in calculus for business and social sciences. (That calc course would include just those aspects of calculus specific to business and social sciences, so it isn't as heavy as a typical Calculus 1 course.) Statistics would also be required for a business or social sciences degree.  It would be a lot easier to take those courses now than it would to jump back in after several years off.  

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