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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!



-rent a Rug Doctor (dog petrified of thunder and was home alone during last storm, to detriment of the carpet in my closet...)

-help DH put up new ceiling fans in the pool cage

-call Legoland about homeschool tickets for Thursday

-laundry for kids

-parents come for a visit and early Sunday dinner

-dinner (London broil, baked potatoes, vegetables of some type)


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Good Morning,


Drove DH to work


DD4 playing and I'm relaxing while we listen to audio book.


Go to church-done


Make cookies to bring to Daddy at work. -done


Have lunch with Daddy-done


Visiting her Grandma-done


Pick DH up

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Good morning!


Last night was not a very restful one. We were awakened in the middle of the night by our security system blaring and a notification that someone was trying to enter the french doors in our sunroom. My thoughts immediately jumped to the weird guy who was in our woods earlier in the week.  But as it turned out, no one was trying to break in (thankfully) and we're pretty sure it was a malfunction of our alarm system (add that to the long list of things that need fixing around here  :glare: ). I had the worst time getting back to sleep after that excitement, so I'm needing extra large quantities of coffee this morning.


•plan my week

•do some more planning for our remodeling project

•put away hummingbird feeder and get out fall/winter bird feeders

•order a planter

•refill dog food bins

•tidy up around hay sheds in preparation for upcoming deliveries of hay and bedding

•spray horses down again since it's going to be another 90* day

•general tidying up and decluttering of house

•dinner: salad for dh & me, kids are on their own

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We were up early for mass and picked up donuts on the way home. Dh has his choir gig downtown, so he will be gone for a while. Dd2 is still at her friend's house. Not much on the calendar today.


To do:

A little yard work


Update calendar for the week

Watch some football

General clean up/chores/laundry


Have a great day!

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I'm not really bothering with human care this morning but am staying in my bathrobe.  Well, I did brush my teeth and ate breakfast so I'm not totally uncivilized.  I'm just not wearing pantz. 


Pet care done

Medical care done


Next:  fold a load of laundry, put it away and finish putting a load in the washing machine. 

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