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For fun: What height did your young kids with big feet eventually reach?

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Yes, feet and height don't line up.

I wear 8.5 and am 5'9" but fully grown daughter is 5'6" and wears a 9.5.

The boys so far do line up by heights but I don't know if DS 2 and DS 3 are done growing. DS 3 is only 13. 

DS 1 wears size 14 and is 6'4"

DS 2 is size 12 and 6' 2" 

DS 3 who is only 13 wears 11 but is 6' and I seriously doubt he is very close to done with his major growth spurt so it's hard to say. 

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My 15yo isn’t done growing at 6’1” and wears a size 14 shoe.  I hope at least his feet are done growing!  My DH is only 5’10” with a size 11-12 shoe, though, so big feet must just run in the fam.  My brothers are 6’2” and 6’4”.  No idea what size shoe my “short” brother wore, but my tall brother wears a 12.

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On 9/24/2017 at 8:02 AM, Arcadia said:

DS12 is 5’11†and wears size 11.5

DS11 is 5’3†and wears size 9.5

Since this thread is revived

DS16 is 6’ 1” and wears size 11.5/12 (depending on cutting)

DS15 is 5’11” and wears size 9/10 (depending on cutting)

Their shoe sizes haven’t change for years while they continued to grow taller.

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My ds1 is 11 and 5'2 mens size 11 !!

Ds2 is 9 and a size 7

Dd 1 is 13 5'8 size 13 ladies

Dd2 is 10 4'9 size 10

I'm 5'11 size 12 ladies

Dh is 5'8 size 7,  he has small feet

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On 9/23/2017 at 7:54 PM, greenbeanmama said:

My son used to have really big feet, and was off-the-chart tall for his age. Then he started heavy asthma meds that have slowed (almost stopped) his growth. But the kid's gotta breathe, ya know? I became concerned one fall when I pulled out his sneakers from storage and realized they weren't from the previous year...they were from the year before that, and they still fit him. His feet didn't grow at all from age 7 to age 10. He actually just went through a growth spurt, growing a whole inch, which is more than he's grown in the previous year and a half. So, my poor boy who used to be super tall is now about the same height as his sister who is three years younger. Her feet are the same size as his, which she thinks is hilarious.

Wow, that’s too bad. Is he going to be able to go off of it in the future? I had a friend growing up who was on growth stunting (but necessary!) medication and he was tiny through high school. His parents finally took him off to hopefully allow him to grow, and he did get a few inches in. He’s 5’5ish today. His brother is well over 6 feet, and both parents above average, too. I know he was bummed, but the medicine allowed him to function! Ugh, tough. 

annnnnd I just saw this was a zombie thread. 😑

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My DS is 8yrs old and wears a size 11 men's shoe and is 5'2. His shoe size has always been about 2-3 sizes larger than his age. His dad is 6'8 and wears a men's size 18. It will be iinteresting to see what size he is in when his foot stops growing. 

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Well my kid is only three months and is in a men’s 24 and is already 7’11”. 🤪

What is it about this thread that brings out the zombies 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ 🧟?! Uh-oh! Maybe it’s a portal!!! 😱 😱 😱 

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Posted (edited)

My only child with big feet fore his age and height eventually hit 6 ft 1" and is officially 1" taller than his dad. But he did not end up with big feet. He is a men's size 10 narrow.

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