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Online writing course for learning to write paragraphs


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I am stuck sick in bed, and procrastinating on studying for an exam next week, so I am musing about writing classes for Sacha. He really enjoys his literature classes at Athena's, and we will likely move up to the lit classes at OG3 next year, but I am struggling with figuring out how to teach him writing -- specifically, learning to write good paragraphs. He doesn't have any issue stringing together 5+ sentences in response to the lit class prompts, but we haven't yet taken the next step toward essay writing by putting those sentences together in the form of paragraphs.


I was planning to use Treasured Conversations for this purpose, as I like its incremental approach, but I am finding myself spread too thin timewise. So, I will likely have to outsource next year. Sacha will be in 9 turning 10, and I have been eyeing the Paragraph Town class at OG3 (we did the Town level, minus the writing last year), or the online Writing & Rhetoric (books 3 and 4) class at Schole Academy. Another option is to play around with some fun Bravewriter classes for 4th, and then attempt WWS1/Expository Writing with WTMA in 5th?


Any thoughts and/or experiences?

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