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PA folks--college visits, need reccs for lodging/stops


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DD has six colleges in PA she would like to visit this fall. We live in CT and some of the schools are quite far, so sometimes we will need to leave on a Friday night, drive halfway or more, and resume travel to the school on Saturday am to make a tour. So I'm trying to figure out where might be good stopping places (convenient to highway, safe, inexpensive)


1. She has one appointment at Juniata in Huntingdon at 9:45 am. Where might be a good place for us to find lodging? Wilkes Barre or Hazelton look good on a map. Anyone have any input on those towns/cities?


2. She has an appointment at Franklin & Marshall in Lancaster one morning at 9:30 am. What about lodging en route to here? Again, looking at a map, something right outside Philly looks like a good stopping point. Is anyone familiar with Willow Grove? I want to be outside the city a little.


3. Last one. Traveling to Allegheny in Meadville. We are leaving earlier in the day for that one (loooong drive) so we can get further along, thank goodness. So it looks like somewhere around Clarion, PA might be a good point to spend the night. Any ideas on this one? After Allegheny we’re traveling to Washington & Jefferson. Then we will likely need to stop somewhere on our way back to CT. The Allentown area looks to be a bit over halfway. Any ideas here?


I appreciate any assistance as we are just not familiar with this area. (As an aside, any info on these schools is very much appreciated!) TIA!

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