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5th grade history extra reading resources

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I am planning for 5th grade History and would appreciate your thoughts regarding sourcing books for the extra reading.


My daughter will be studying history with her Uncle so she will need to have all the books with her to take to his house.

The plan at the moment is to have a quick look at the pages to be covered in the week ahead (we will be using Usborne EWH as the spine) and borrow books on the topics she thinks she may be interested in studying further. In addition to this I'm going to buy a second hand encyclopedia set and we have the SOTW books which she absolutely loves.


This is the plan. Back in the real world, it's a realistic expectation that I just won't make it to the library every week and if we do make it, often the books we want are not available (perhaps a plan might be to look ahead the whole month rather than the week). I am working single mother and despite good intentions and the best laid plans sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day.


So, I would like to know if you think the encyclopedia and SOTW would be sufficient extra reading for those weeks where we are making do with what we have? Obviously the internet has a wealth of sites etc I would just prefer extra reading to from a physical book for the most part.


Are there any other resources I could purchase that would be a worthwhile to add?

I don't have a huge budget, but I will invest in quality resources if it covers many topics.


TIA :)

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I think you will find that the extra reading sources do not need to line up perfectly with the chapter of SOTW that you are on. Often longer books will take several weeks to read anyway. Or if the child gets interested in a certain area, you can continue on in SOTW reading about and doing some mapwork about other areas, but then switching into reading and writing mode about the one specific area. 


My kids are older than yours, but here are our current examples: We are doing a Middle Ages year. I am doing SOTW2 in a co-op setting with all ages. We meet once a week and briefly talk about 2 chps a week, then do projects on from those chapters. So the 1st week covered the fall of the Roman Empire and a brief review of Roman History for chp. 1 then chp. 2 about early Britain and the Celts. I asked everyone to read something on their own that week on those topics or from their history source at home, and to write a summary of what they read. 


So my dd15 read from the high school SWB history books. She was actually finishing up the Ancients book, so she chose to research about Spartacus and his revolt and that fell under my instructions of something we had talked about (the Romans or early Britain.) My logic stage dd read from her KHE and put dates on her timeline book and started a book of King Arthur stories and wrote a summary about chp. 1. She is a slow reader, and it will take her about a month to finish that book. In the meantime, we continue on with her KHE work, her history class covering the SOTW chps, the SOTW projects we do at co-op, and listening to read alouds from me and from an audio CD. 


We don't necessarily try to get books that go with every chapter. 

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I think you will find that the extra reading sources do not need to line up perfectly with the chapter of SOTW that you are on.

Of course, sorry if I've been unclear, that's not what I was thinking. DD has already completed SOTW so we won't be working through it chapter by chapter. It will just be there as a resource for further reading along with the encyclopedia.


I'm preparing resources to use for summaries/outlining etc Hopefully we will get to the library but I just want back up options ready because there are times where it just doesn't happen.


I'm probably overthinking it! I just want her to be prepared with everything she needs so the time with her uncle is used efficiently. I won't have time to work with her on this at home.


What is KHE?









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Thanks HollyDay



I think this might be it momchiroto2



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Yes that is link.  Sorry, I have not been on the boards lately.  Paula's was always my first "go to" for planning.  I would also look at Sonlight, Beautiful Feet,  and Veritas Press to see what they had on their reading lists for a particular time period.

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Yes, I think SOTW and your encyclopedia will be enough supplementary reading. Any other suggestions I would make would fall into one of two categories: 1- other encyclopedic resources that cover a broad spectrum of topics, but would probably repeat a lot of what is already in your other planned resources. 2- more specific resources of the type that are on lots of book lists for certain topics, which you are already going to try to get at the library. So I think you've got it covered well. If you want ideas for older series of books that cover history well, take a look at Valerie's Living Library, I think it's called, which reviews lots of series that are nice for either a spine or supplemental resources.

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