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15 y.o. dd wants to switch from AOPS to something else, need suggestions

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Hi, will you please help me?  I am not good at math myself, so I am sort of confused when trying to compare all of these math programs.


My 15 y.o. dd (almost 16) would be in 10th grade if she were in public school. 


She has used AOPS for PreAlgebra and Introduction to Algebra.  She completed the first 21 chapters (out of the total of  22 chapters) of Introduction to Algebra.  She had already completed pre-algebra on her own but decided to go back and start over with AOPS -- that's why she has not already has geometry.


The original plan was to go on to AOPS Geometry, but due to health concerns, we are no longer going to be using AOPS. 


She wants something to keep progressing forward, in case she decides to take the PSAT this fall. 


She wants to be a writer, so she doesn't need a challenging math curriculum. 


She has ruled out MUS, Khan, TT, and Foerster.  


She is open to Saxon, and my younger daughter likes Saxon, so that was the original plan.  However, I do not know which Saxon to order -- Advanced Mathematics or or Geometry.  We looked at Saxon Geometry and she said she had already done a lot of the material covered in the earlier chapters when she was in 5th grade.  


What would you suggest if we use Saxon?


Or, if you think we should use something else, do you have a suggestion?  We want low key.  


Thank you so much for your help.







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Forester with Math without Borders has been a nice melding of something a little easier on time management but yet still rigorous here for my mathy kid that started with AoPs.  It is expensive, but high school is just that way I guess.  Sigh.   I couldn't find used books when I was looking, maybe you'll have better luck.



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Forester with Math without Borders

Except in the OP, she said they ruled out Foerster.


Would just a normal math book do? Does she need to do geometry or are you thinking straight to Alg 2?


ETA: Saxon always starts out with review and builds up. You could have her take the tests until she gets to New material, back up 5 lessons and start there.

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The Holt 200x series is a nice middle of the road text series with lots of problems so a course can be fairly easy to fairly hard.

It is easy for the student to read.  Teacher material is available.

Free videos are available.

see http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/542418-homeschool-high-school-math/

There are some courses out there that use it.


She is going lower on the hardness scale then some of the stuff will be easy. Not sure about that 5th grade comment maybe lessons 1-5.  DS used Saxon Geo in 8th it is quite complete.

I am not a big Saxon fan in general.





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