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New stutter in 17 yr old

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17 yr old Ds has recently developed a stutter.

Only at the beginning of sentences, when asked a direct question.


Seems anxiety related, perhaps,as it's when he's put on the spot, but he does it even with no big deal things, like "are you ready for to go?"


At first I thought it was when he was distracted like when in the middle of schoolwork on the computer, but it seems to be all the time.

An example would be "is your schoolwork done?" And he'll respond "ye, ye, ye, yes" in a hurried tone.


Yes, we have a dr appt coming up, just asking around a bit first.


He's got a demanding schedule this fall plus is working on applications, but this started over the summer (he was busy this summer too though)

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My friends daughter developed a stutter at age 10. But it was sudden onset and worse quickly, so sounds very different from your sons. Anyway, testing revealed seizures going on and in her brain. They gave her anti seizure medicine and the stutter and everything disappeared immediately. She was on the meds about 18 mos. and is now off and fine. They think maybe it was some kind of infection that triggered it, but they really don’t know. Hope all goes well with your son.

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