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Does anyone have a Sea Scout?


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My 14 yo dd is thinking about joining Sea Scouts. She has some experience sailing sunfish and rowing so it seems like a good fit. Is it mainly boys with a smattering of girls or is it more 50/50? What did your ship focus on? Was it mainly sailboats, motor boats, paddling? How did you find the national organization? Is it just an afterthought in BSA or does Sea Scouts have a strong organization of its own within the BSA framework?





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We are a sea scout family here in NZ.  Dh was a sea scout (from cub - venturer age) & both of our boys were in sea scouts from Keas - Venturers (5-18yo).  I was a leader for over 10 years & dd was a sea scout venturer & earned her Queen scout.  We really like sea scouts & still help out our local group when they need help.  In NZ Scouts have 3 branches: Sea Scouts, Air Scouts, & Scouts (meaning land-based scouts).  All 3 branches are part of Scouting NZ, but Sea Scouts & Air Scouts do more specialised activities as well as the normal camping, hiking, etc. Scouts in NZ is co-ed at all age levels.  Dd only did venturers as she was a Brownie & Guide, then a Young Mariner.  Young Mariners were started back before scouts allowed girls to join as girls-only version of Sea Scouts.   



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Ds and dd are Venture Scouts. There is one Sea Scout crew near us, and they join Venture crews for council wide activities. Boys and girls seem about equal in that crew. I think the position in BSA depends on the council. Our council, not so great, but getting better. We do some events with neighboring council though.


Venture and Sea Scouts are more oriented towards meeting other crews than Boy Scouts are to meeting other troops, imo. And we organize by 'Areas' which are quite large geographically. Our family has been to a number of Area csmporees, lots of fun. Pretty equal boy/girl.


So think of Sea Scouts not just as the crew, but as s chance to meet a wide range of coed scouting groups.

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