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Sensory issues?


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I have written here before about my 12 year old who I thought was depressed and too withdrawn.  He has no outside activities and really doesn't care about activities or making friends.  He was also starting to get really quirky in behaviors.  He has started to be seen by a therapist because there are some behaviors we didn't know what to do about.  The therapist (45 years experience) is referring us to a physchologist/neuro type person to figure out if there is a sensory processing disorder with him - especially relating to other's and his own emotions.  He does have some sensory issues in that he hates certain type of clothing, but it's not all that restrictive.  It's not surprising to be going this way.  Ds behaves appropriately in public and is pretty easy to get along with but I can see that developing a close relationship with anyone could pose a problem in his future.  


Basically, what should I be looking for or asking?  

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