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Brain Fog Days


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We've talked about brain fog for the hormonal teens (and tweens), but my ds#2 was a hoot today.


He was trying to date his phonogram quiz (10 phonogram, usually done everyday we have spelling as review). After a couple of tries, he remembered it was September, but needed the number of the month (since there isn't much room). He couldn't get there. I prompted him with clues, but nothing (except at one point he seemed to have an epiphany- only to say, "September" like that was the answer to what number of month . . . I think he forgot what we were even doing).


So, I asked him to count from the first month. What's the first month? "Monday!" Month, darling, not day. Still couldn't get there. So, I start humming the little ditty we learned the names of the months to. He picks it up in April and sings through to the end. Still a happy little guy because he remembers what a month is. So, I ask him to start back at the beginning and count to this month. Except he can't remember the first one. I remind him of a certain sibling being born in that month. He picks a different month. Finally, I give him enough clues that he gets it and comes up with 8. I hold up the same number of fingers that he has up (and just miscounted) and he corrects to 9.


Whew. He gets the 18th right away, but gets stuck on the year. "What's a year?"


Five minutes spent on just writing the date. We spent a couple of minutes at the end of the lesson because he just couldn't turn to the first page of his book. He closed it. He turned to the back. He closed it again. My words today were just not getting through the brain fog.


Did I mention his birthday is on Wednesday? He'll be 8. This is definitely not typical for him. Hoping tomorrow is better. :)


I just had to giggle because it was that or bang my head against the wall. He's so darn cute and still eager to please (sometimes). I think maybe his mind was elsewhere.


We spent a couple of minutes on the proper cursive formation of the letters of our last name. I choose to think he just forgot the difference between an a and an o instead of thinking that he forgot how to spell it. . .


It's Monday!

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My kids tend to get brain fog on Mondays.

My DS12 is not doing any work until after 1pm for that reason. He woke up at 10:30am which was early for him.

My DS11 couldn't remember days of the week, or months of the year, or which months have 30 days, or get his multiplication tables correct, or read an analog watch correctly until past 3rd grade.


Happy Birthday in advance to your son.

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My son, age 9, forgot all his times tables today. I am so glad you posted, because I have never had a tween (except his older brother who has Down syndrome, and a darn good excuse for having an off day), and I had no idea what was going on with him. He is usually so "on-it". He also couldn't summarize a short story, or remember how to write in cursive. We did have a busy weekend with friends, and he slept until 8am (two hours later than his normal). What a bizarre morning.

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