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How to coordinate WWE and FLL? How does FLL compare with Grammar for WTM?


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I'm using Writing with Ease and First Language Lessons (level 1) and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to coordinate the two since there's a lot of similarity between them. So far, some days feel either redundant or like we are backtracking. For example, if I follow the lessons from both books in order, we may have all copywork one day and none the next.  Any tips? Does it matter? And what's the difference between FLL and Grammar for WTM?


My situation is further complicated because we only got about half-way through Level 1 last year (my son is in 2nd grade now). I was planning to pick up where we left off with Level 1 and simply skip over parts we don't need to cover now that his skills have improved. Just feeling a little overwhelmed and trying to simplify! Input appreciated!!

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Don't try to match up. They reinforce one another.


And if you didn't make it through 1, that's okay. Pick up with 2. It will review all of 1. (Like half of 1 is nouns.) Do try and stick with 2 because it will give a great foundation for 3, which picks up a bit.


Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind is good for 5/6 grade. I wouldn't do it before that. It gets into some harder stuff.

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Another vote not to worry about it and just do it as it goes. We do FLL and WWE and I just open and go. I usually start with FLL because it's shorter and a lot of the time we do it quickly and orally. DS tends to get things quickly so we don't always spend a lot of time on it. Right now FLL2 is recommending copywork from a poem that neither of us think is that great so I'm just skipping the recommended copywork. I know he's getting enough writing from WWE and AAS and ELTL plus other things. I think you can tweak them as needed. If you think on some days there is too much copywork you can change it up and on days where there's not enough add more.

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We did it consistently 3 days per week FLL - 4 days per week WWE. I treated them as separate programs, not caring whether they were redundant or not.


BUT what we did do is stagger the start date.


FLL 1 - begins in 1st grade (mostly oral)

WWE 1 - begins in 2nd grade


For us, that worked great!  :thumbup:

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