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Anyone use The Good & The Beautiful for History in the upper grades?


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I intended to use it this year for my 7th, 5th and 2nd graders. I purchased it, purchased the readaloud books and downloaded the Student Explorers. In looking at the upper level Student Explorers, it is fairly robust. However, we ultimately decided not to use it in favor of returning to the four year cycle. (We'd just done a full year of American history and TG&TB has a heavy focus on US history.) 



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I bought it to use this year, and I would say that the 7-9 grade explorer sheets are most definitely not enough.   The 10-12 grade ones are fuller, but I was still needing to add readings and narrations (written for the olders and oral for the youngers) from the Wayfarers list to make it feel like enough. And I'm NOT a rigorous homeschool mom. 


With that being said, my kids didn't like the history at all...so much groaning when it was time to listen to the audios. (Imagine chants of BRING BACK JIM WEISS! BRING BACK JIM WEISS!). It felt ridiculous to continue when the kids didn't like the program and I was adding so much to it. 


I really like the concept of it as well as the heart behind it. And I will say that everyone liked the game. But now it's all going to sit on my shelf till spring when I sell things. 

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