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My first Stitch Fix!


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And I loved all five items! I think I'm keeping all five.


BC Footwear Communal Ankle Strap Bootie - $80: I love these! They are a dark brown suade and so adorable with a small heel. Keeping.


Laila Jade Bowie 3/4 Sleeve Dolman Know Top - $58: this is a really pretty lightweight sweater that will pair well with jeans and boots. It's called burgundy, but it's more of a plum color in my opinion. Keeping.


Statement Athenia Button Back Top -$58: this is a cute and lightweight flannel. It's royal blue with some burgundy and darker colors. The back is a bit long but is split. Is a little big but will be cute with jeans and boots. Keeping.


Lila Ryan Liza Skinny Jean - $98: these are dark ankle jeans. Perfect length and fit except the waist is too tight. I'm going to exchange for a bigger size. I love them though!!!!


Papermoon Anica 3/4 Sleeve Knit Top - $48: my favorite item. It is a black and white striped soft shirt with a little burgundy detail on a pocket. Love. It fits perfect and is just my style. Keeping.


The box total is $342. If I keep all five, I get $85.50 off plus $20 off for the stylist fee, which brings me down to $236.50. not bad for quality clothing!! I can't wait to do it again!

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I have done 4 Stitch Fixes now. The first box I liked 3/5, the second 1/5, the third I sent back, and the fourth I liked 2/5. I find them rather over priced, but I did find items that look really good on me, fit well, and they are styles I never would have thought of. That's good - and I enjoy them. I just hope that I want at least 1 thing so I don't lose my styling fee! 

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I got my first Stitch Fix yesterday. I wound up keeping nothing, because the stylist nailed my style so well that I already owned something very similar to everything she sent. I also got the Laila Jade 3/4 top you did. I loved the color, but felt it was too thin for upstate New York winters.


I was disappointed but I plan to try it again.

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