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Question about hot dogs


Let's put a condiment on that hot dog, shall we?  

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  1. 1. What do you put on your hot dog?

    • Cheese
    • Chili
    • Ketchup
    • Mustard
    • Onion sauce
    • Raw onions
    • Dill relish
    • Sweet relish
    • Sauerkraut
    • Other
  2. 2. And what sort of hot dog is it?

    • All-beef
    • Chicken
    • Pork or mixed meats
    • Veggie dog
    • Other

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All beef hotdogs with mustard (always) and sweet relish (mostly always) and onions (about half the time).


Occasionally we'll have them as chili dogs--then I wouldn't add mustard or relish, just cheese, onions, and maybe sauerkraut if we happen to have any (which is rarely).

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Berks.  If must be Berk's all beef or cheese hot dogs.  They are simply the best out there, nothing else compares - even those other people claim are better.  We've tried them.


For myself?  They're topped with butter, mustard, and sometimes raw onions or sauerkraut pending my mood, adding cheese too if they aren't cheese dogs to start with.  Others in my family can desecrate theirs with ketchup and relish.  That's their choice.


In our family we disagree regarding toppings, but not about the brand.  All five of us are in agreement regarding the brand.  Even more distant relatives agree with us regarding the brand.  Berks hot dogs + potato rolls of some sort (and Herrs chips) are things we are required to bring to family gatherings outside of our area.  If we showed up without them plenty of people would be quite disappointed.  Since it's a regional brand, they aren't available everywhere like chain brands are.

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My husband's family loves Tony Packo's.  When I first met him he was talking about this place where he grew up and the Tony Packo's......I thought it was a Taco place.  When we went out to visit and I realized it was a hot dog place, well, I was sorely disappointed.  I don't much care for hot dogs.


But they love them.


If I have to eat them, I want relish and mustard.  I like chili but I am rather picky about my chili, so it depends on that front.

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All beef hot dogs are the best, and my husband agrees with that, but he can't eat beef so we get turkey or some kind of pork/poultry mix. 


I like chilie cheese dogs if the chilie is the right kind.  Like Tony Packo's (Klinger knew what he was talking about there!)  I've had dirty water dogs from carts on  NYC street corners to gourmet dogs.  Toppings depend on the offerings.  But at home, home is different.....


Brace yourselves, I don't remember how it started, but at home I put a little ketchup on the dog, turn it a little so it's more on the bun, and then top it... applesauce.  Yes applesauce.  Something about the cold applesauce, with the little bit of ketchup on the warm dog it is just so good....


I know it's weird.  But I've been doing it for 40 years, so I don't think it's going to change.


I try to remember at barbecues where there is applesauce present that it should be a "home" thing.  But sometimes I forget. And yes, it stops a few people in their tracks.  My brother, all these years later, every time he sees it (which is only every few years) gives me a "STILL???"


Like I said.  Weird, but good.....


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Here's my hot dog story. Up here in this part of NY they are called Texas Hots. Except no one in Texas calls them that. They put 'Texas Hots sauce' on them. It's usually a watery brown liquid made with bread crumbs, vinegar, corn starch and spices. Often with the bare minimum of ground hamburger crumbs in it. It best resembles cat vomit.

People rave about Texas Hots. There's a super popular diner nearby of the same name. It's always crowded. We went there once and laughed ourselves silly until the food arrived. Then we were so grossed out by the taste that we just dumped it and left.

But it's neat how you asked about them. I've been craving a hot dog for days, so we had them for lunch yesterday and I just finished the leftover one about an hour ago. I prefer real chili with onions. If chili-less, then mustard, onions, and relish.

If I remember correctly, you are close to where middle son is now. If so, he agrees with your astonishment about what makes a good hot dog. He's tried several in the area. We've tried those on Garbage Plates (a local dish). We're not impressed either.

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I hate hot dogs, but I eat them when we're all too lazy to fix anything else if they're in the fridge.

We eat all-beef, turkey or veggie. I hate them all. Bleh. Lots of chili or ranch beans, or mustard, or ketchup and relish. Sometimes cheese. 

Sometimes we chop them up and warm them up with a can of baked beans. Bleh. I used to eat better.


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Here's an Australian reply.


We have sausage sizzles, especially to raise funds for local groups. They often have them outside the places where you vote, to raise money for the local school or fire brigade or something.


They are generally beef sausages with a bit of onion and you can choose tomato or bbq sauce. I generally go with tomato sauce. Apparently this is similar to ketchup - I don't know. You eat this wrapped in a piece of bread.


A hot dog would be a frankfurter which has a red skin and I have no idea what it is made out of. Maybe pork? Mostly breadcrumbs I bet. Anyway you would eat this in a bread roll. I must say I don't really see these for sale anywhere but I don't live in the city. 

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Speaking of hot dogs, we have a local restaurant that serves hot dogs with strawberry jam and Swiss cheese. It's well known for it (one of those Food Network shows featured it), but it's like a pregnancy craving gone bad.


It did not agree with me. I'll leave it at that.

You ordered it???? :svengo:


:ack2: :ack2: :ack2:

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We eat hot dogs about 2X (grilled out) per year and DH likes the Ballpark brand (I like Nathan's but I care less).  I almost always do mustard, dill relish (cause sweet relish is  :ack2: ) and raw onion.  If I take my life in my own hands and get a hot dog from a vendor I go full on chili and onions.  Ok, now I want a chili dog and we just had fillets for dinner, there's something wrong with me, lol.


ETA- I like Chicago Dogs but only when I'm in the Region they don't make them right anywhere else.



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