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Good books or courses about bitcoin and blockchain technology


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depends on what aspect of this he's interested.  There are a few very distinct topics.

1) bitcoin as a currency, and the legal, economics, market implications and aspects of this.  Super interesting.  But re: 'make some $$$', let's be clear that this is a very manipulated market that's subject to all kinds of uncertainty and intervention by various government and non-government entities, where every ML grad-student has already implemented an AI/ML auto-trading algorithm, and further a decent fraction of the market is super shady.  You're not likely to make any actual $$ and the correct handling of the result if you do is legally unclear depending on where you live.

2) block-chain as a technology & algorithm.  Very useful for many things beyond cryptocurrency. For example, supply chain management. Also, the subject of crypto hashes, regardless of application, is also interesting.

3) blockchain computation engines...everything from HW acceleration in ASICs and FPGAs to compute farms of old macs.

if you can clarify what he's interested in, I'll track down some resources. Also, his amount of math, economics, and compSci background.


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There are a couple of lectures on Wondrium (used to be Great Courses Plus) about cyrptocurrency.

I know I sound like Warren Buffet on this...cryptocurrency has no inherent intrinsic value. It's highly speculative in nature and very volatile to serve as a currency. I think about this like gambling and resembles a Ponzi scheme in many ways.

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