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History every year?

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Is it actually important to do a history(ish) class each year of high school, or would four courses over the four years be fine, even if one year contains no history and another year two courses?


And am I crazy to consider two courses in a year?


Dd is currently signed up for PAH AP Human Geography this year, but we're less than thrilled with it based on the recent thread and the reading so far. She really likes synchronous online classes. Since it's pretty much too late to switch to another online class and she already has a heavy schedule I'm considering doing two history classes next year.


Am I nuts?

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Not nuts. Ds did two histories in grades 9 & 10 each- us history plus a history elective (WWII) in 10th and ancient/ medieval world plus British history in 9th.


Then us gov'tt& econ in 11th. None in 12th- no room, his schedule is full with DE classes.


You could throw something interesting together with Great Courses & readings in lieu of a typical history for this year. A time period she's interested in.

I would not do two outsourced full history classes next year plus a full load of everything else (just cause outsourced ones require more juggling & heavier loads)


If she drops it now, I'd fill the slot with something, for sure. As the years went on, more opportunities came along (internships, very time consuming science fair projects, etc) & time got short... It would've been good to have a few more classes out of the way earlier.

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We tend to take history classes when it fits our schedule (as opposed to taking math sequentially every year). We also outsource and take what seem to be good classes when they appear and fit around the more critical classes (like math).


My 9th grader is an an online American history class this year and then later in the planning stages a world geography class became available at the local co-op and he wanted to attend. He'll have two social studies credits this year. He will either take a year off social studies in the future or have extra credits. Either way I think it is fine.

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