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X-Post - Derek Owens Physical Science

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Anyone use this?


I see many purchased this curriculum. But of course you can access it online and pay monthly tuition for Derek's grading/guidance. Is that worth it? What's the difference? I'd like something open & go, with very little input from me...


Also those that have taken it - what is the scheduling like? How often should we schedule videos per week, and how long are the average video lecture? Then is there homework the remainder of the week?




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One of my sons did this in 8th grade. The only thing I or my husband ever had to help with were the experiments, and occasionally I helped my son write an email if he had a question. Otherwise, I was completely hands-off.



My son was very diligent in doing the work as Derek laid it out in the syllabus and had no trouble staying on schedule. He enjoyed the class. I thought it was well worth doing.

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I purchased it years ago when he was clearing out things. I'm not sure you can purchase the course any more - I don't see that option on the website but I might be missing it.


I know you can use the online option with him grading everything or pay half-price and do all the support yourself.


For physical science, take a look at the syllabus



Here's Derek Owens youtube channel:



According to the syllabus, 10 chapters are covered in 32 weeks. Usually 2-3 weeks for a chapter. The first chapter is four weeks. On the youtube channel, the videos are available for the complete chapters for the first three chapters. It looks like chapter one has 51 videos covered over 4 weeks. Most of the videos are 5-10 minutes each with 2-3 videos per day if you average them over every day. My kids tend to watch more videos in a single day, but then not every day. Looking at the syllabus, it looks like there are an average of three homework assignments to turn in per week. These are usually one page each. With each homework, there are also practice problems in the workbook to do and self-grade. At the end of each chapter is a test. There are also labs to do - I don't remember the details of these. My kids do a week's worth of work in a week according to the syllabus, but manage the day to day planning on their own generally.


You can buy a workbook from lulu.com and watch the free videos to get a good idea how it all works. You won't have access to the homework, labs, or tests without buying it.


Edited to say if you take the online course, you will have the option of buying the workbook through lulu.com or printing it yourself from the website.

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My dd did it in 8th grade.  Aside from a little help with the labs and scanning, she completed the course on her own.  She broke the class down into two days per week which typically did not take more than an hour each day most weeks.  Dd enjoyed it but I think it may be on the light side for high school science.

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we are signed up with the online option. we haven't started yet. i was just getting cold feet ahead of beginning. i have already ordered the workbook from lulu.com. this is for my dd who is in 8th grade - to give her a leg-up to get ready for high school sciences. ;-)


i'm so glad you have had success at it. it seemed as we were getting close to starting it, all my old research on the course here seemed to turn up only people buying it.... never the online option. i began to second-guess myself.


thank you so much! hearing how you broke it down and the details helps tremendously.fv

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