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Are there any simple/beginner Spanish videos on youtube?

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I have been doing Duo Lingo for about 8 weeks now and completed Lesson 75 in Getting Started with Spanish today.  I am just beginning to catch on a bit.  I would love some simple videos in Spanish for a very beginning language learner.  Something slow and gentle.  Right now I don't care if it is a kids show or for adults.

I am getting better at reading Spanish but my conversational listening skills are lagging.

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I'm sure there's plenty of YouTube options but Salsa & Destinos are "curriculum" that start from the very beginning level completely in Spanish


Salsa is great for the preschool audience with puppets


Destinos is a relatively engaging telenovela for adults


HBO and Disney also broadcasts all their shows with a Spanish audio programming if you are able to switch it on your TV (cable/dish). When my kids were younger, I actually learned quite a bit by watching Dora la Exploradora with them in Spanish.


Good luck!

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Destinos is a relatively engaging telenovela for adults



I have just started this series.  It is very 80s and cheesy but it is engaging.  I turned the closed captioning on and that is great for me to be able to see the written words as they speak.  I am surprised I can follow quite a bit of it just using the Spanish I have learned with Duolingo.

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