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The Holiday Teachers Lounge 9-4-2017


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Whether you thought today's them stems from holidays coming up or the one today,

you'd be right! I started the title in regards to today but you know as soon as I wrote "holiday"

I immediately thought of Christmas! Hmm, that gives me an idea . . .


Are you schooling today or giving everyone the day off? Here: today, giving everyone the day off!

I did have a business appt scheduled for 9am this morning but she cancelled so I have a little extra free time!

I've definitely given myself the day off from my own schooling and I already told the kids they have the day off.

Good thing, too, as whatever virus visited my son and I last week, has now turned into headaches and congestion for him!

Poor guy! 



If you have the day off from school, what are you doing instead? Here: I've decided to do something fun today in the "free" time 

I have. I'm going to do a short "tour" of craft stores for some window shopping: Hobby Lobby, Michael's, possibly JoAnn.



If you're plugging along and sticking to schooling, what are you studying today? Here: today, nothing. This week: Algebra, History, Greek,

English comp, Chemistry, Spanish.


Talk to me! :bigear: 

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It's a day off here for all of us for everything.  Jamie's off work since it's a federal holiday, the kids are off school, taekwondo is closed all day, and Ani doesn't have to nanny.


We're not doing much instead.  There's a gas crisis going on here so we're not driving anywhere we don't need to until people quit hoarding gas (deliveries that generally last 3 days are being emptied in hours because people are filling up their vehicles plus gas cans and all sorts of non-approved containers including huge trash cans).  So we're staying home and getting the boys' room ready to paint and doing other odd jobs around the house.

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It's the day before school starts here, so our last chance for fun and relaxation. ;)  The boys had a cousin sleep over last night, so they were playing all morning. I was supposed to play tennis, but it was raining. Dd and I went to the gym. I'm making some soup stock, as it's getting cold and my body wants soup.  :laugh:

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