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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Going to hide from the > 100degF heat wave the whole day.


- half price bookstore because it's 20% off Labor Day weekend sale


- outlet shopping for in-laws presents as SIL will be in the area on business trip next month and can bring back. SIL is probably going to have to pay slightly for overweight luggage (international flight).


- hibernate at wherever there is aircon. It's still hot now and it's already 12:45am here and the room fan is on, patio doors opened. Saturday's daytime temperatures would be worse.

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Good morning!  I really enjoyed my alone-ness last night, but I have a feeling I may get bored by midafternoon.  Or not :lol:  I would love to just sit on a pool floatie all day and read a book but the weather is supposed to be a bit rainy and definitely cloudy.  So Plan B:



-wash all comforters, blankets, and mattress pads

-look over WWS II because youngest starts online WTMA class next week

-plan a few more weeks of logic

-call a friend to come look at a Stitch Fix dress I'm on the fence about

-read (why am I having so much trouble finding a book that I want to read??)

-dog prescription to Publix, a weird dose of phenobarbital so I have a feeling this is going to take a while to find the correct dosage

-maybe - MAYBE - go through closet and donate clothes I don't wear anymore, and actually take them to Goodwill

-drink a ton of water and be Whole30 compliant, ignoring all the chips in the pantry

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Good morning! dh is going to the second day of his board game convention. He had so much fun yesterday and plans to be gone all day today. He did take dd2 in to her practice, so I just have the pick up in a few hours. I had hoped to buy fabric yesterday afternoon and start on a quilt today, but they didn't have what I wanted. So I will do some other things, probably sit on the couch sorts of things, as I am still gimping around and shouldn't be on my feet all day.


To do:

pick up dd2/drop off ds2 to aikido

keep house clean

jen things


watch movie with ds2

probably have to figure out dinner



Have a great day!


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Good morning!


It's a beautiful, cool, sunny day here - perfect weather for all the outside work that needs to get done today.


•I *think* (fingers crossed) that the huge oak trees in our paddock are done dropping acorns, so we're going to do one final sweep of acorn removal using the leaf vacuum attachment and rakes

•clean hay sheds and tack room

•clean tack

•figure out locations for new hitching posts

•hopefully, we can squeeze in time to ride


•dinner: Mediterranean bowls w/falafel and hummus

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Having a loon for a kid is great.  Last night she somehow slammed her skull into mine.  (She had put on one of those eye masks and decided she was sharing my pillow, or something - would have been nice to have some warning.  POW!)  Her head must be harder than mine, because she just laughed, while I still have a headache.  :P


So I'm blaming that for everything dumb I have done and will do today.


Took kid 1 to horse riding, kid 2 to math.  Back to the horse barn on a tight schedule, as I'd told my kid to be ready for a quick pickup at 10:30am.  She was NOT ready - she says her teacher forgot the time and she was too shy to remind her.  Whatever - that stressed me out - we were then running 10 minutes late.  Due to road construction I had to make a sudden stop on the freeway - more stress - and then my kids informed me that the box of strawberries they were eating had gone flying in the back seat.  That was too much, so I hollered a cuss word before getting my composure back and apologizing.  :P


We made up a couple minutes on the way to the scout event, but were still late.  Got there, nobody was around.  Oops.  The scout thing is next week.  :P


So we got home early for lunch, and the kids are hanging out watching TV, and I'm working.


We have dinner at my sister's house this evening - need to leave in a few hours.  Need to pack boxes of hand-me-down books and clothes into my car, which is parked on the road due to the construction situation.  :/


I also cleaned out my car (mostly).  Should probably do some other things, but I'll have more time tomorrow.


Oh crap, I forgot about buying a new computer.  Ha!  Pretty dumb. It's the head whack, I say.

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Lots of housework done.

Still need to remake a bed with clean sheets.

Ds' fall/winter clothes all organized. I know what he has and what he needs.

Decided to have leftovers for dinner.


Encouraging my peeps to go outside, to the pool, park, whatever. Not working.


Next up:

Check with Dd about piano and art homework.


More pick up and put away.

School planning.  


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Previous list done.


Kitchen is sparkling.

Kids are bathing.

House vacuumed and swiffered.

Dh left to find someplace to watch a football game. We don't have cable and he didn't want leftovers for dinner.


School prep done.

One load of laundry left to go.


Next up:

Watch Dd's WHA intro class recording

read something light

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Worked outdoors for most of the day.


Raked up/picked up bushels of acorns. Paddock is now clear of them and we were able to let horses in there for the first time in weeks.


Haysheds are swept out and ready for tomorrow morning's hay delivery.


Cleaned the kitchen and did a few loads of laundry.


Fed all 5 humans and 20 animals.


Dh and kids are watching a show. I'm about to collapse on the couch with my puppies and a bowl of frozen blueberries.  :)  



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