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Flylady support thread, Babystep #1, Friday, September 1...

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 Good morning Flyminds!  :thumbup:


Welcome to the Flylady support thread. To find out what Flylady is: http://www.flylady.net/ You can also find people on YouTube if you search for it.


Please join in on the fun!


Today we start our 31 baby steps! Yay!! :hurray:  :hurray: 

Day 1 - Shine your kitchen sink!! http://www.flylady.net/d/getting-started/flying-lessons/shine-sink/


Need more inspiration? Here are some people to help you!



An overview of the whole 31 days.



 I have found that this does more than just shining my sink. It motivates me to clean more and more of my kitchen. Clean sink, check… but wait, the stove looks yucky! Oh I will just wipe that a bit too. You do this enough times and you have a sparkling kitchen!  :laugh:


Let’s post photos of our clean sink tonight! (Feel free to post them in future posts too, we are welcoming of anyone joining us at any time!)


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You know what helps? A dedicated oxo dish brush. I have to run the sink water until it's hot or the dishwasher doesn't heat properly. Instead of feeling guilty that I'm wasting water, I put a little dish soap on my dish brush and go swishy swish around the cracks and crevices. I can do that even if I don't have time (or inclination) to break out the gloves and the bar keepers friend.

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