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Do I want First Language Lessons or Logic of English (unexpected student)


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7 year old kid, I am unexpected homeschooling. He is a weak reader but making progress. He's in the range of normal.  His older sister is dyslexic so that issue is in the realm of possibility, but, he already has outpaced her in handwriting.


I tried BYL with his sister and due to her language / writing issues, she wanted NOTHING to do with copywork or notebooking, so it was kind of a bust.  We're slowly doing Barton .I don't want to  do Barton or AAR with the 7 year old.



FLL seems kind of like BYL, lots of copywork?

Logic of English seems really detailed and laborious (and pricey).  But maybe it's worth it?


I've been paralyzed with indecision, someone just decide for me LOL.


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