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grading geometry work - angle measurement accuracy

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When measuring angles in geometry, do you expect your student to have the exact same angle measurement as the answer key? Do you give credit for being one degree off? Obviously I'm marking a problem wrong where she is 11 degrees off.  :closedeyes: What are your guidelines on this?

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I don't grade this type of stuff. I would simply sit down with my student and work with her to find out why the measurement is off, and teach her how to use the protractor more accurately. I do not consider this a skill worth spending a lot of time on.


As a homeschool mom I worked toward accuracy (as much as possible) and understanding.


Now as a homeschool teacher (who must keep grades) I allow 1-2 degrees off.  There is no way to be 100% accurate when measuring/drawing angles due to line thickness/pencil thickness errors that cannot be avoided.

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I have no problem with a student being one or two degrees off.


Eleven degrees is a problem.  I would sit down with the student and see where she is going wrong and then have her practice a bit.  (As an aside, problems with protractor use can indicate vision and/or fine motor issues.)


That said, once you get into "real" geometry, you don't determine the measure of angles using a protractor.  

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