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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


•school w/dd

•the horse vet might be stopping out to do blood work on dd's pony

•dust and vacuum my messy house

•clean bathrooms

•mop floors

•straighten up pantry

•dd violin lesson

•no golf lesson for ds because of injured hand

•dinner: roasted cauliflower tacos w/chipotle romesco 

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Easy day over here!


I have my first ultrasound and dr appt to see baby #4. Dh and I literally are never alone, but we couldnt bring the kids to a vaginal ultrasound. My parents are babysitting and Im a wreck. I have never left except with dh once. She is gonna lose it. Then after that my mom is cooking dinner to celebrate my dads bday.


Maybe that should have been more of a list instead of ramble?

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  • Get the kids off to school.

Take out the garbage.

Get a headache from having to talk about work (and specifically being buried in it) before my coffee.

Try to do said work (accounting etc.) without a backspace key and some of my number keys.

Try to fix the backspace key, make things worse, get it back to how it was.

I will probably get a new computer, I heard there is an extra one around here.

If so, I will need to install lots of software and migrate all my files, yippee...

And meanwhile get a bunch of reports out.

At least one conference call - hopefully I only have to listen?

Kids need to be picked up after youth group, then driven to math tutoring and gym and the whole Wednesday business.

Squeeze homework in there somehow.

Try to walk while the kids are in their activities.

Some reading and housework at some point.


Kids to bed.


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Good Morning,


Lazy morning today, just vegging.


DD watching cartoons and playing with toys.


DH insomnia kept him up all night. Just fell asleep a short time ago.


DD and I have playgroup later


Visit the library to return and pick up.


Take DD out to ride her scooter.


Wake DH for work, feed him and get his work meal ready.


Do dishes and clean up the place.


Read alouds and have DD read to me.


DD play and paint.

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Good morning!



pick up milk

morning school (including Dd's meet the teacher with WHA online)

piano lessons

church for choir, dinner and class (woohoo! I don't have to make dinner on Wed til mid November!)



if time:


Trader Joe's

walk the dog   nope, no time. 

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Good morning! Slow start here, as I was awake for a long time in the night. Dd2 is off to school and I am reading the paper and having my coffee.


To do on a schedule:

boys up and school started

pick up dd2 on off period/tutor her

swim practices


to do in the spaces:

daily chores



clean bedroom

work out


jen things



Have a great day!




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Almost forgot to post!  It's so awkward cuz I can't get to this computer first thing in the a.m. and then I am off and running!


Already done:

took ds to classes

watched little 22 month old til mama got home

made breakfast and packed lunch for dh

planned Ancient Civ lesson for 16 yo



To do:

grocery shop

p/u ds

do some lesson planning this afternoon


Take dd to rehearsal

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