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Considering after school

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I just put my four older kids in Public school, 9th, 7th, 4th and 1st grades. I am already missing homeschool, although I know it's only been a few days. I am considering after schooling them a bit because I may decide to homeschool again next year, possibly even after Christmas break. I am curious, how much is too much? How much do you expect? My 9th grader is the only one who has homework so far, so I can't really see how much time that will take. Here is what I was thinking if doing:


1st grader - continuing with the phonics and reading portion of my father's world 1st grade (shouldn't take more than 20 minutes) and the math portion (maybe 5-10 minutes)


4th, 7th, 9th graders - Story of the World, geography games, math and logic puzzles, current events, and a read aloud (aiming for 30 minutes, 3 days a week)


4th grader -maths flashcards nightly (5 minutes)


We do Bible time every night already. I read a chapter or two and we discuss and pray, sometimes sing.


Does after schooling make kids sick of learning? I just can see where some things will be lacking in public school and want to keep the gaps filled.

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Does the school do a good job with the basics (math, grammar, reading instruction)?


Every family does this differently. Our DD's private school does an adequate job with the basics. So I focus our time on what I think of as cultural things; reading good books, real history beyond "Social Studies," art and music. I don't see how we would have time for much more in the evenings. My DD has homework every night and she isn't up to doing any more writing in the evening. I also want her to have time to play with her friends in the neighborhood.


I've found that everything (homework and afterschool) takes longer in the evening that I think that it should.


I work full time and I think this would be easier if we were home in the afternoon. Although DD's neighborhood friends would be knocking on the door and DD would wonder why she can't be like the other kids and go play.


ETA we do lots of reading in the evening and I don't think this made DD sick of learning. I don't think she thinks of what we do as schoolwork because we read and talk about what we read instead of doing written work. The teacher says DD has an amazing vocabulary which is probably related to our reading. She definitely knows more about literature and history than her classmates because of our work at home. I think our afterschool endeavors have been a success but I'm careful not to push my luck. I've scaled way back on math because DD resents being forced to do extra math. Writing is hard for her in the evening because she's tired so I gave up on requiring any writing besides assigned HW.



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I would definitely not do all of it in one day. I would maybe do math and logic puzzles and books on Monday, play a geography game on Tuesday (scrambled states of America or where in the world - my kids like to play both), and read a chapter in story of the world on Wednesday and Friday, with maybe a quick activity one day. I'd also like to have a read aloud, maybe one for the older group and one for the younger group. I for sure don't want to burn them out. I'm not sure yet how the math and English is yet on the school, but so far it's looking light.

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For your first grader, I would make sure you teach any sight words they send home or sight words they are working on with phonics, here is why and how, I've had too many remedial students with problems from sight word teaching.



Yes. He has the most homework, lol. He already knows the sight words they've sent home so far. I will continue to do his homework.

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