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Philadelphia/surrounding areas--


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We are considering a move to the Philadelphia area.  I'm wondering if anyone who lives in that general area --or has lived there--can give me some idea of what the area is like, the people, activities, weather etc. etc... 


We're in the gathering info./research phase. 





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I live in the suburbs in eastern Montgomery County, about 15-20 miles from city center. 


We moved here 10 years ago from Oregon (Portland area) and it's quite different.  But I loved Oregon so it would be hard for many places to measure up.  :-)


Weather - terrible in comparison to Oregon - so hot and humid in the summer.  But fall and spring are nice, and winter is bearable.  


People - not sure how to respond to that.  There are friendly people and unfriendly people.  It seems that a lot of "Philly people" think Philly is the only place anyone would ever want to live, and there is little interest in other areas.  In my specific area, the population is pretty static; it's not uncommon for someone to live in the house they grew up in, and have a brother living 2 doors down in their aunt's old house, and their own kid moving into another relative's house around the corner... and multiple generations going to the same schools.  So we have found that a lot of people have so much extended family around they don't really need new friends.   But sometimes there are newcomers like us.  (We have lived here 10 years and I still feel like a newcomer in some ways.)


Activities - what do you like to do?   There are big-city activities, including some great museums.  Within a couple of hours there is good hiking; the Jersey shore is 90 minutes - 2 hours away.   Fairmount park is huge and varied - we haven't even begun to explore it all.   Seeing the Liberty Bell is overrated.  :-)


Homeschooling and liquor laws are not consistent with Philadelphia's claim to being "the cradle of liberty" but they are manageable. 


Feel free to ask other questions or pm me.   There may also be others here who can give a better picture.  You might be able to tell... I don't love the area!  :-)  But it's kind of hot today and that puts me out of sorts. :-)


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