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poetry memorization suggestions?

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I was spoiled for 4 years using FLL. Poems to memorize right there for us!


What are some of your favorite poems or books of poetry that I can look for for my 5th graders? Bonus if they go along with our history, which is Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation, but they don't have to go along with that!

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We love Favorite Poems Old and New. The selections are lovely and the kids regularly tell me that they want to add poems we read to the memory list.


I also Google for classic poem lists, just to be reminded of significant ones we might want to memorize. I like having a mix of styles, lengths, and subject matter.


My all-time favorites for kids are by A. A. Milne, but apparently one can't only memorize his stuff. 🙄


ETA: Also, hymns are poetry, so we rotate through about 8 for a school year (works out to singing each one once every two weeks). They really get to know those hymns. Great for the Reformation period!

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We started the IEW poetry book last year (just the book not the CDs) and it was a hit. Some of what is coming up looks like it'll be too long for my crew though.


So I'll be pulling from "I Saw Esau," "Living Memory," and some Shel Silverstine.

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I second the IEW book.   We have used that for YEARS.   It is really great.   


Memoria Press also has a nice poetry program.  (It lines up with their core studies and literature picks.)   


ETA:  If you want poetry/literature that lines up with history, you could also look at "Write from History"...and just skip the writing part.   But I would still use IEWs program.    ;) 

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