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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning, ladies!



-straighten up for cleaning people

-two subjects before co-op with youngest (logic and civics)


-Publix on the way home

-turn over new leaf and not ask oldest at all about homework

-work out (seriously need to do this)

-dinner (crab cakes, rice, and vegetable)

-be Whole30 compliant (should be easy - I stress ate all the Chips Ahoy yesterday so there are no more left....)

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Good morning! It's a beautiful day here in Ohio.

-morning stuff like coffee, breakfast, meds, Bible time, 

-set out some chicken for supper

-straighten up the house

-school. Hopefully ds6 has a better attitude today. 

-take a walk in the village today, let ds6 visit the playground

-set out my fall decorations. If I wait until it's cool here, then I only get to have them out for a short time before Christmas. Fall is so gorgeous, that I'm putting them out anyway, even if it is still summertime.

-dust and sweep the living room

-roast chicken, veggies and iced tea for supper tonight

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Good morning!  Our long term house guest (asylee) passed her road test!  Hooray!  One less person for me to drive around!!!!!  We bought a used outback this summer for her and hopefully 16 yo when she gets her license.  18 has ASD and though he's tried twice to get his license, I just don't think its gonna happen real soon.


Already done:

Unloaded dishwasher

Made breakfast and packed lunch for dh

Drove ds to his CC classes


To do:


get organized in re:  16 yo's school year - which I keep starting and then getting distracted from

Other stuff is stuff I just keep not getting to :

Call Dr H

Call landscaping co (we need to redesign our backyard and put up a new fence.)

Check meds

Call ortho

Call NP

Call eye doctor

Fill out AHG forms 

p/u ds

Farmers market this afternoon hopefully

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Good morning!


Ds18 got up at 5 this morning to do horse chores before he left for work, which was such a huge help to me.  :) I'm happy to have a lighter load today!


•school w/dd

•clean mudroom (didn't happen yesterday)

•hair appt. for dd and me

•need to get some office work done - financial and health insurance stuff, pay property taxes

•order new yoga pants (get to go down a size - yeah!)

•dinner: salmon burgers & sweet potato fries

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Good morning! 



Get dd started on AHG things

Pick up milk

Piano lessons

Figure out dinner - something easy and quick. 


Consignment tagging! Must. Begin. Today. I have loads to do by Monday! This will take my whole weekend. 



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Good morning! It is chaotic here this morning. I am just sipping coffee, glancing at the paper while 3 of them argue and get in each other's way in this tiny house. I feel like they are talking to me, but all I hear is buzzing. :laugh:

dd2 had a problem with a teacher yesterday (actually really a not cool interchange- like the teacher didn't believe that dyslexia might impact learning a foreign language-she was told to repeat level one and maybe she should just work harder) and she went to the counselor immediately. Fortunately, the counselor was kind; I am waiting for a response to my email. dd2 is in a terrible mood this morning and so upset that she has to explain her LDs again and again to teachers. Sigh. I wish I had a magic wand....

To do:

school with boys

daily chores

general clean up


I have to think about all the house projects/costs/estimates

Then come to terms that there is no money for any of them

dd1 takes kids to practice

dinner all together


Have a great day!

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Ahhh, back to routine.  Sure, I love my kids, but juggling summer camps and work and all the other stuff is hard.


This year I did pretty good.  Their school bags and shoes were all ready by the door since last night.  (2 pairs of shoes for each, since I wasn't sure which size would fit.)  Clothes laid out.  They did say they could hardly sleep all night, but hopefully they will catch up on that.


I remembered to take a first day photo - we moms have to be obnoxious like that.


This morning I woke up with a headache.  Then my house security alarm kept going off every other minute, SO annoying, until we finally figured out whom to call for instructions on how to disarm it.  The fixit people will come tomorrow to hopefully solve that problem.  Meanwhile my computer bombed.  It does not like a certain Excel file that a client sent me.  This is really annoying.


I did get a few reports out this morning.  I have a bunch more to go.  Hoping I can concentrate.


I keep getting distracted thinking about school.  I read the 1st weekly newsletter.  I checked the grades and AR websites to make sure I still have access and see if there are any assignments yet, LOL.  I have issues.  :P


The kids should be dropped off around 4pm.  We leave at 5:30 to go to the math tutor, then 1 kid to gymnastics, with me going back and forth and trying to sneak some walking in between.


I hope to get the results of the kids' spring standardized tests today, finally.

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