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Can he really do these self-study?

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Things are getting funky at our hs co-op so we are thinking of options. Ds is signed up for Physics and Pre-Calc.  He prefers live teachers or self-taught textbook learning, doesn't like online or computer classes.  He gets A's in math and science and wanted to move faster than the pace of his co-op classes in Bio/Chem, Alg1/Alg2 but didn't complain at the time. He doesn't want a STEM career (Now, anyway, but who knows if that will change.) 


Is there something you'd suggest we take a look at? He started Geometry on his own this summer but will he be able to do Pre-Calc self-study without finishing that first?





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I think Saxon Math would be perfect for self-study.  It explains everything very well in each lesson.  I've known kids who have done it on their own and excelled.  I would think your son would most likely need to finish Geometry before starting Pre-Cal.  Has he had 2 years of Algebra yet? Maybe a good place to start would be Saxon's Advanced Math.  It covers Advanced Algebra and Geometry. 

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Title question is "Can he really do these self-study?"  Our children have done great with Chalk Dust, which is compromise between a live teacher and self-taught.  Mr. Mosley is an outstanding math teacher.  They self-study, but their work has always been checked by MomsintheGarden along with one-on-one review of mistakes. 

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Finding a program with a DVD video lesson component or video tutorials as support makes self-study very workable for a student who is diligent and a self-starter.




Programs built on video lessons:


- Teaching Textbooks


Bob Jones University Press distance learning DVDs


Programs with supplemental video tutorials:

- Saxon -- DIVE CDsTeaching Tape TechnologyArt Reed: Mastering Algebra DVDs

- Margaret Lial -- Digital Video Tutor

- Paul Foerster -- Math Without Borders


Digital, Interactive Text:

Kinetic Books


Self-Paced CD-Rom video tutorials:

- Thinkwell


Free online video tutorial supplement:

- Khan Academy



What are you planning on using for Physics? There may be some video tutorials or video lesson support out there already to supplement that program. Or, if you're open to using something else, check out the Homeschool High School Physics thread pinned to the top of this board, that lists info about oodles of programs -- look for programs with video components to see what might be a good fit for your DS.


Good luck! It's a roller-coaster ride switching high school materials around just prior to starting the new school year!  :eek: Warmest regards, Lori D.

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My oldest self-studied math from Algebra I on (Saxon, no videos) and all science in high school (DIVE and then a physics class I wrote for him). I graded the tests. About 2-3 times a month he got stuck and had to ask for help. He also completely self-studied two years of Russian, which still amazes me.


My younger one didn't do well with math on her own. We went to live online classes, and she just started asynchronous online math in college. She thoroughly looked through the book and says it's easy! She did fine with self-study science including a physics class I wrote for her.

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