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Biblioplan Users, a little help, please

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We are diving into Biblioplan this year.  I am confused about something though.  We are using the Cool History for Littles (Ancients).  It has recommended Companion readings (for littles) listed on the Cool History page.  However, then the questions it has from the readings come from parts of Companion that were not the recommended reading. What am I missing here?  Any experience with this?  




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I have only used the current Biblioplan materials with older kids, so I don't have experience with that.  I would recommend that you contact Biblioplan through their website or ask on the Facebook group (it is called BiblioPlan Users).  Julia Nalle is very responsive to questions.  I hope you can figure it out and make it work for you this year.  We love BiblioPlan!

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I just went and pulled my cool history for littles ancient off the shelf. Which page are you referring to?


I have the companion and never once used it. It didn't like the way the info was chunked. We found we could answer the questions based on our other readings. We used the following on a regular basis:


Story of the World

Vos Children's bible

Journey bible


And then I used the recommended books it tells you to read.


So if you look at the first page of cool histories the first 3 questions would be answered by the scheduled bible reading. The 4th question is answered in SOTW reading as is question 5, 6 and 7. We always just did the readings in the schedule and then would tackle cool history at the end of the week along with our comp questions in SOTW activity guide.


ETA: went and pulled my schedule. So if you look at week 1 then what we did was this:


Day 1: we did the bible reading, SOTW chpt 1 and Archeologists dig for clues.


Day 2: bible reading, SOTW suggested activities from the guide and a dinosaur book we chose (didn't use the Ken Ham one).


Day 3: we made the paper mache Globe and focused on continents, did the cool history for littles, and the bible reading.


Week 2:

Day 1: bible reading, SOTW chpt 2 and Noah's Ark book


Day 2: read a book about the Nile, bible reading, SOTW chpt 4 and started Boy of the Pyramids.


Day 3: read a book about the ice age, read Pyramid, read next chpt in Boy of the Pyramid, cool history questions, and did a SOTW map activity about fertile crescent.


We did a day 4 this week and listened to Jim Weiss while making edible Noah's Ark craft.


Doing it this way allowed us to answer the questions without issue :)

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Thank you for the replies.  We are doing Year 1 and just using the Companion.  It is kinda complicated, but we are having a quick "redo" of ancients.  


But anyway, for example, in week 13, the Cool Histories for Littles says to read "Sahara Desert, Anansi the Spider, Brer-Rabbit, Selections from Samuel, Selections from Saul, Casting Lots, Selections from David Part I, The Philistines, Abigail".  


So, is all of the black and white narration included in this? And what does "selections from Samuel", etc mean? I have been kinda just going with what I thought it meant, but it seems pretty often that the "Questions from Readings" will ask something from a section I didn't think the littles were assigned.  After ancients we will be using Remember the Days, so it won't be a problem, but as for this year, I'm so confused. 



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