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Dr. Hive: best mattress for fibromyalgia?


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What helped me personally to sleep better , more than a mattress, has been a CPap machine. But of course you are not asking about that. I have liked a sleep number bed. I tried a temperpedic type mattress and didn't last more than an hour on that thing.



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I have to agree with this. We went through mattress after mattress, topper after topper. Sleeping better was the key here, too.


I also would not go with tempurpedic. I thought it would be the holy grail, but nope. Far from it.


Good luck!

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A friend who has MS slept tons better with a memory foam topper.


I have done really well with a latex mattress from IKEA. (I have chronic, unremitting joint pain and muscle tension due to multiple diagnoses.) I looooooooove my latex mattress.


If dh hadn't been opposed, I would have gotten a waterbed with a topper. The one concern with waterbeds, though, is that they do not force the body into a truly supine position--there tends to be a dip at the hips that keeps the body flexed in a mild V. My chiropractor has concerns about that, though I wonder if the pillow top on some waterbeds would alleviate the dip somewhat.

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