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Cat behavior

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We have two cats and are no sure which one is the problem.


We had guests for a a week at the end of July and since then we are finding cat poop on the spare bed. No place else. Not sure about urine, but going by smell, I think not. They are still using the liter box in the bathroom off of that room. We have a second bed in that room that they have not touched. Each guest had their own bed and one cat was attached to each person. I wonder if it is the cat who was attahed to the person who slept in that bed. But I have no idea.



Anyone have a clue what the heck is happening with our cat(s)?

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I'd move the litterbox and close the door. If the cat pees on the mattress, you are going to have to replace the mattress. It's risky to leave it out there.  :glare:


If you can't completely block access to the bed, I would put something the cats don't like on top of it( bubble wrap? Aluminum foil? A tarp over a collection of items stacked on the mattress, making the footing unstable for a cat walking on it?) so they will be disinclined to relieve themselves on it.


Good luck. Who knows why they do what they do?  

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You could check your cats for UTIs, but mostly they pee on beds because they are.................pissed about something.


Perhaps, but they don't do it for revenge. They do it because territorial marking makes them feel better.


OP, I find that a thorough soak in vinegar followed by a lot of sunshine will actually remove the smell and appearance of cat pee 99.9% of the time.


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