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Ear piercing..What can you tell me about the post choices?

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We always get surgical steel or titanium.:D

I have 3 in each ear.

Dh has 3 in one ear and 2 in the other.

Ds has 1 in one ear.

Dd has 1 in each ear.

New ds (17) just got his done. He has silver hoops in now. I couldn't convince him to leave the steel studs in for more than a week. :o

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I'd like to know, too. My dd had hers pierced three months ago (she's ten), and she has no problem with the earrings they used to pierce her ears, but she does have goopy stuff (sorry) in the holes if she wears the cheap earrings from Claire's, even though they say "for sensitive ears". So I don't know...

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I would tell you not to use posts at all, but to get 18 or 20 gauge rings. They are much easier to clean and cut infection rates dramatically. Get either surgical stainless or niobium which is about as non-reactive as they come.


Also, please, please do not go to the mall or let anyone use a piercing gun on your child! They are not hygienic. (PM me if you want the details - but I warn you: it's gross.) A piercing shop is a much safer option. Sometimes for younger people they will open early or give you the last appointment of the day if you don't want your child hanging out with the funky people. ;) Or you can ask if there's a piercer who would come to your house. (Tip them extra if they do this.) You will need to sign a form giving parental permission in either case, just as you would at the mall.


Good luck!

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