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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


•get my morning chores done before farrier appt. at 8

•make sure dd's pony gets his medicine an hour before farrier arrives

•school w/dd

•office work (I am so behind this week...)

•clean bathrooms

•dinner: it's too early to even think about dinner. maybe Buddha bowls??

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Jean, I hope your daughter's procedure went well.  Selkie, I hope your daughter's pony is going to be ok.



-get oldest out the door to school

-school with youngest

-workout (glutes)


-laundry (sheets and towels at the very least) - ETA:   the very least is the very best I can do today....

-library (return and pick up)

-read to keep up with youngest's literature assignment

-call ortho and dentist to see if they have recent xrays to send to wisdom teeth surgeon for oldest

-try to have a conversation with oldest about homework without seeming like a hopeless nag

-oldest takes self to baseball

-dinner (bacon and farm eggs given to us by a friend)


ETA:  a rare day when I got everything done!  Off to early bed with my book

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Pink and Green Mom - trying to talk about homework without seeming like a hopeless nag is SOOO HARD.  I struggle with that too.


Today I am in planning mode.  Got some last minute details worked out for 11th graders year.  Looking good! 


Finish planning this year's schedule - like solving a sudoku puzzle!

Meal planning - a general plan of attack and also planning specific meals for today through Sunday.

Make dh his breakfast and pack him his lunch

Take dd to her friend's

18 and 22 yo need to get their books for their classes starting next week

call Dr. H

p/u dd

Still need to figure out moldy basement issue also need to call fence co.  Backyard fence is falling apart.

Start filling in academic year calendar (so many schedules!  2 co-ops, 1 tutor, AHG, certamen, CC schedule, voice, etc, etc.)



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Good morning! We are settling into our school schedule. Ds3 is experimenting with getting up early to do work (actually, this is just like his dad). dd1 is off swimming. Ds2 is sleeping, hopefully feeling better today.


To do:

school for all

hang out some with dd1

daily chores

a few weekly chores

boys have dentist appointments this afternoon

general clean up

figure out some sort of dinner

judo if ds2 is feeling up to it.


Have a great day!

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Well I was exhausted last night, so I went to bed after tucking the kids in.  The kids got up and fooled around, but I didn't care.  I set my alarm for an early hour, but did not get up.  Screw it.  Sometimes you need to sleep.  (I wonder if I'm coming down with something though.)



  • Got the kids to day camp on time for a change.
  • Went for a short walk and then to the office.
  • Have lots of work to do, hopefully I make some progress.
  • Pick kids up at noon, take them to lunch and drop one off at horse camp.
  • Give other kid a list of work to do at home.
  • Work.
  • Clean house and pet cages - houseguests arriving tomorrow.
  • Laundry.
  • Pick up kid from horse camp, figure out dinner, maybe walk some more, back to work.
  • Kids to bed - read-aloud?  And then back to work.
  • Hopefully a bit of yoga and reading somewhere in there.
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 Selkie, I hope your daughter's pony is going to be ok.




Thanks! He is improving and feeling much better than he did a couple days ago.  :)  With the help of our vet and farrier, we've come up with a good treatment plan. He is always going to have problem feet, but we are hoping to minimize the problems as much as we can.

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