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Thoughts on Corban University in OR?

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My daughter is a senior this year. She has already started applying to some colleges and we are trying to decide what will be the best fit for her. She wants to go to a Christian college.  She has already been accepted for the 2018-2019 year to Boyce College in Louisville, KY and Corban University in Salem, OR.  We visited Boyce this summer, as it is near our extended family. I personally loved it!  DD is not 100% sold though, and is leaning toward Corban.  However, we have not been able to visit it yet.  Finances don't allow travel to Oregon at this point. 

Has anyone here visited Corban or attended it? or know someone who has? Any opinion?



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Well I would just ask if she's looked into the weather. It's not called the Wet Coast for nothing.


Also consider plane fare. We live out west ans best absolute best case scenario for round trip ticks is 500, but since she's coming

Home during holidays it'll be more. Travel

Is usually a very tiring 13 hour day. However now that we're pros with air travel it's not so tiring as it was at first. To make it fun you need plenty of money for food, and money in case you miss your flight and end up in a hotel.


All Things to consider :)

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I know a young lady who is currently there. I also know several other sets of parents, but don't actually know their children who are there. Everyone seems to like it very much. It seems to be fairly popular with active Christian youth from the surrounding states.


Sorry I don't have any details, but hopefully this helps.

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