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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Feel absolutely lousy. I have laryngitis. I can hardly talk.


Schoolwork with twins


Some of ds13 schoolwork. As he is profoundly dyslexic I read some of his lessons to him. I could not read his apologia science to him. He didn't mind skipping it


Help possible future dil to cut out more of a patchwork quilt. This is a hopefully bonding excercise as we have hit it out on the wrong foot majorly. I think she thinks I am a dragon.


3 loads laundry washed, hung out, dried, folded and put away.


Change sheets on master bed


Lamb roast and veggies for tea.


Is the day done yet? I want to lie down

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Been up most of the night (it's past 4:30 right now) - working and researching what might be going on with my daughter's health / behavior.


Need to try to get some sleep before 6:45 when I need to get ready to take the kids to day camp & find a place to hang out for half a day & then drive the kids home.


Lots of work, I hope my brain holds out.


I need to mail some info to the psychologist who is going to test my kid on Friday.  Time's getting short.


Whatever else I can squeeze in.

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Good morning.  I feel like a broken record with my to do list and the things that routinely don't get done (like laundry.)



-school with youngest

-oldest takes self to orthodontist at 10

-make sure oldest is done with his summer work (school starts Wednesday for him - SURPRISE!  He isn't done......)

-work out (upper body weights)


-laundry  DONE:  3

-straighten up living areas

-cook chicken tenderloins and make chicken salad for lunch for the week

-dinner (shish kabobs and brown rice)

-be Whole30 compliant and eat enough vegetables

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Good morning!



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats

went back to sleep for over an hour

my own breakfast and coffee


To Do:


get ds started on school

go to our bank (drop off application for car loan; We wanted to take the rebate from the dealer, but that mean a little higher interest rate, so our bank is offering lower with drafts for the payments.)

take ds to my best friend's house

mammogram and annual physical

final prep on the two math classes I teach tomorrow

clean house


take check from bank to dealership and sign paperwork (today or when it's all ready)

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Ladies, it is good to see you all again!  I fell off the side of the Earth but I have decided this Tackle thing was a good thing for me and I should come back to you all and start it up again!


We don't officially start our academic year til next Monday so this is kind of prep week.  



Clean the dining room thoroughly.  The table hasn't been decluttered since Easter!  This will help me organize my stuff for this coming year, since the dining room credenza is where we store everything.

Figure out dinner

Call lawyer (for my Downs sister; we've got guardianship stuff going on) to make appointment for later this week.

Do dh's laundry

Make phone call about the flooded storage room downstairs (mostly junk but there is mold growing down there.  Yuck.)  Try to get that taken care of.

Maybe go to a meeting tonight at 6:30 on local environmental issues.


I pray for everyone's health and peace of mind!

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Welcome back, Faithr! Good morning! School starts in 2 days for dd2 and so, for the boys as well. It is my last year of homeschooling, so we are all planning to have a little fun as well as working hard. I have a couple of things to do for the boys, so that will take up my time today. dd1 came home from Japan yesterday, and we are enjoying having her here for about a week before she goes back to VT.


To do:

laundry (started)

daily chores

work on last couple of classes for boys

emails (must do)

pay some bills

ds3 to guitar (dd2 take him?)

dd2 ortho appointment, then mall with friends

pick her up at some time in the future

ds2 aikido


Have a great day!


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Good morning everyone!

Coffee, Bible prayer time, meds, but no walk today b/c of cramps.  UGH!

2 loads of laundry

Run to the post office and mail my homeschool notifications

Start working on kitchen cabinets, I want them done this week but we'll see if I'm up for it.

Work at my desk.

Call the roofing company.  We had a new roof put on Saturday, but my dh went up in the attic and said he could see daylight around our chimney. We would prefer he do this, but he's not going to have the time today.

Put out a notice for some stuff I have for sale.

Put on a pot of chili for supper.

Lots of midol, and early to bed.  Probably some necessary breaks throughout the day.

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Morning, all!


I am not sleeping...at all.  I am home today to take care of that financial tsunami I referred to earlier... :nopity:





coffee, on my second round of decaf

bank/accountant/bank/lots of kleenex in between

schedule a delivery for my mom


possibly paint an area in the hallway that is coated with dc's handprints and lord knows what else!

dd to dr appt

trying rice in the instant pot tonight, hopefully it goes well (lime cilantro), let me know if you have any tips or tricks

exercise, cut screen time early and relax


Have a great day!




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Good morning!



Help Dd prep for first day of new tutorial tomorrow   

Schedule a FT


Print some school things

Send email for work

Make sure dd does AHG things    Not today. Too tired. 

Wash dog bed

Quick grocery trip for 3 things


Dinner - meatloaf, potatoes, peas, green salad

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Good morning!


I'm here later than usual because I'm just now sitting down for the first time after a hectic morning. Some highlights:


•got up at 4 to let puppies out (little twerps didn't sleep through the night again like I was hoping) 

•went back to bed and set alarm for shortly after 5

•woke up at 6:10 and discovered that the volume on the alarm had somehow gotten turned down and both dh and I had slept through it  <_<

•looked at radar and saw that thunderstorms were heading our way, so I had better scramble to get horse chores done

•went to fill grain buckets and found out the bins were almost empty. I always have dh or the boys refill the bins because the bags of grain are enormous, but they had already left for work - so I had to lug 2 bags out of storage by my weakling self  :tongue_smilie:  

•as soon as I stepped outside to do chores, a torrential downpour started

•came back in an hour later, soaked to the skin and looking like a drowned rat. Decided to make myself look presentable by drying my hair and putting on a little makeup. Poked myself in the eye with the mascara wand and am now sitting here with a red and watering eye.


I'm hoping the rest of my day goes more smoothly!


•school w/dd

•water plants

•do at least a couple hours of office work

•do 3 loads laundry and put away clean towels

•tidy house, do some dusting and vacuuming

•dinner: sweet potato taco bowls



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getting the Teachers Lounge open

personal Bible study

personal schooling (about half of what I wanted to get done so hopefully can squeeze some more in later)

Monday household admin

schooling with the kids (well, ONE of them. DS was not feeling great today.)

figuring out what's for dinner (beef, broccoli, and rice accompanied by a garden salad)

and possibly a little more schooling for me.

OH, and clearing the floors downstairs so my son can sweep!

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human care done


pet care done including syringing a cat.


left message with food service for the camp


called my sister to work out some logistics for when they fly out here tomorrow.


nagged my son into taking care of himself (he's sick)


my own medical care including taking some things to hopefully keep myself from getting sick. 


Next:  clean the kitchen

Nag dd into helping me clean the vanity in the bathroom  (ok - just ask her nicely to help. 

:willy_nilly: :willy_nilly: :willy_nilly:

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I'm so sleepy.  😴


the living room is all dusted.  😴


the bathroom is all clean except that I need to do a final mop which I will do as soon as I hit "post". 😴


Two loads of laundry have been folded and put away.  😴


One load of laundry has been washed and is now in the dryer.  😴


One load of laundry is in the washing machine.  😴


Dh and I cleaned the kitchen


Dh and dd are at the rental and doing errands.


Dd's biopsy is all scheduled and I have all the fasting information.  😴


Now I need to go run some errands. 





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I decided to skip office work and just deal with it tomorrow. 


Got some cleaning done, watered the plants, did laundry, and got a head start on some of my evening chores.


Dd finished up her PE class and is almost done with English.  :hurray:


My Zappos delivery arrived and both pairs of shoes I ordered are cute and comfortable.  :thumbup1:


I'm about to start chopping things up for dinner.  :)







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Well I took a nap after my 2pm conference call.  I've had a headache since then.  Finally took a couple pills for it.


I woke up just before 5pm and remembered my kid had a chiro appointment at 5:15 (for a sprained toe). 


From there to the post office to mail some papers to my other kid's psychologist (regarding testing).


Then I took the kids to the pool.  Happened to meet their 5th grade teacher, who wanted to chat.  Then I walked about 4 miles while the kids swam.  (Total of 5 miles today.)


Chipotle for dinner, then read-aloud and kids to bed.


I should be working right now.  Tomorrow is a deadline day.  But my head still hurts.  Maybe I could sneak another short nap ....

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