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Alg I, Geometry, Alg II, Pre-Calc, then???

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So far our trajectory has been:

Lial's Beg. Algebra for Algebra I

Jacob's Geometry

Lial's Intermediate Algebra for Algebra II

Lial's Pre-Calculus 

What is recommended to do next? Does Pre-Calc cover the trig concepts needed or should Trig be taken with Analytic Geometry prior to Calculus? 

Larson's Calculus?  if this, I see several editions and versions.

Lial's Calculus with Applications?  (is this rigorous enough for College / ACT prep? ) 

I am finding so many varying options and I have to account for 1 student who has goals of pre-vet med undergrad, and 1 student who would be happy if he never saw a science book again. 


I'd love any advice or thoughts from those of you who have already paved this road. Thank you.




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Is there an admin who can read this who can tell me why it says you need to be a group member to read / reply to this message? 


I'm not part of any social groups so I'm not sure why this is. Thank you.

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