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When instructions say "between meals"

Liz CA

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I always seem to have difficulty with "between meals" instructions of supplements or meds because I am a snacker. I snack every 2 hours or so, during work appointments I have to last 3-4 hours but I don't eat larger meals. Breakfast may be my biggest meal, lunch is usually light when I am at work and even when I am home. Dinner is another, slightly bigger snack for me. In between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, I snack on veggies, fruit, hard-boiled egg whites, crackers, etc.


So, how long after I ate something or before I may be snacking again, is "between meals?"

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I'm not sure what "between meals" means, but generally "on an empty stomach" means at least two hours after eating and one hour before eating anything else. So you'd either need to take the medicine/supplement when you first wake up in the morning and wait an hour to eat anything or you'd need a three-hour window w/o food during the day.

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