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Question about Megawords

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I have a so-so speller who is going to be starting the 7th grade.  My daughter isn't a bad speller, but she isn't a focused speller.  She can't visualize words without writing them down and is apt to forget a letter when spelling, or switch letters.  It isn't all of the time.  But enough that she wants to do some spelling this year.  


After talking with a lady at the local homeschool store, she recommended we try Megawords.  I got the first book of the series with the TM.  But after reading through it a bit more carefully, I am a bit confused as to how to get started with the check test.  The lady at the store said that the test will help us figure out which of the patterns my daughter struggles with and just to focus on that pattern.  Is that how others have used it?  Is it a gap filler type of curriculum or is that just how some people are using it even though it isn't specifically made that way?  


Thanks in advance!


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We started at the beginning of Megawords 2 and just did everything in the book. My son has trouble spelling everything beyond CVC words, so this wasn't a gap-filler program for us. We have used numerous phonics and spelling programs over the years and Megawords is a great fit right now. We had no spelling progress with All About Spelling, Apples & Pears, Saxon Phonics Intervention, Sequential Spelling, REWARDS Intermediate or Spelling Plus - although his reading improved! ;)


I believe level 1 is pretty easy - that one I would think you could "test out" of chapters. But I'm glad we started at the beginning of 2. We're now in 3 and it's still going well.



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