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Help with science levels/rank up game

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Any creative types want to help me?  I'm teaching a co op science class, and planning to give the kids points for doing readings, watching videos before class, completing homework, sharing a project, participating in class.  It's kind like Who's Line Is It, Anyways, where the points don't matter.  No grades are given, unless parent assigns grade to their own student, so the points don't really equate to anything.  I would like to make a list of "ranks" or "levels" that the students can claim as they earn points for class.  Lighthearted and motivational is the goal.  I need help with what to call the ranks.  Would like to have 8-12 ranks.


Lab Rat  0-14 points



Lab Assistant  15-29 points


Beaker  30-44 points


Bunsen Honeydew   45-59 points




Mad Scientist  60-74 points


Albert Einstein  75-89 points



Dr. Doofenhsmirtz  90-104 points







Would really like some creative help, my brain just won't fill in the details well tonight!

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