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I'm looking for some exciting history audiobooks recommendations for a 9 year old.


This child is my happy go lucky kid. She seems to have entered this awful phase of boredom and sarcasm (I hope it's a phase!). More than anything I would love to hand her something for school that she gets excited about. I want to see that spark of joy again at learning something. Originally I had planned CHOW for this year's history. The chapters are short and she is a very slow reader. Also it gives a nice overview of history before we restart the history cycle in 5th. I think it's just going to be a grind though. I don't want history to be a grind. I want it to be something that she enjoys. Ideas? Recommendations? Tips? If you have gone through this before, I would love to hear how you handled it and what worked/didn't. Thank you!

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Liberty's Kids DVDs. At least for the Revolution era.


Steven Traugh's Voices of American History music CDs may spark some interest. It is a series of, I think, three CDs/books.


Diana Waring put out some songs years ago. Mostly pioneer era.


Schlesinger media has some DVDs for that age.


I know none of that is BOOKS, but mine have found those enjoyable.


Also, we have watched a variety of historical dramas (For instance, Ruby Bridges and The Watson's Go to Birmingham).


For books, Beautiful Feet has some great titles.


The booklet called Turning Back The Pages Of Time is likewise very useful.

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Have you thought about doing an alternative study for a year? Something more like a unit study? She might like the American Girl doll studies. There are several, and they have cooking, sewing, theatre, etc. books to go with each doll. 


Yeah, CHOW is probably pretty trim for her now. What does she like to do? She might like more DOING in her history and less reading. Agree on the videos, but also read alouds. 


If she's reading slowly, have you gotten it checked? Decoding? Eyes? She might have low RAN/RAS, which is easy to work on. Strong RAN/RAS is highly correlated with strong readers.

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How do you feel about you-tube videos?   I LOVE the Extra Credits History videos.  They don't put them out in any particular order, but are worth browsing through to see if they have any on the time period you are covering.  My kids LOVE them, and so do I.  Even my two in public school watch them FOR FUN in their own free time.   TEDed also has some great history videos my kids enjoy watching.   Crash Course history my oldest LOVED and watched for fun.  Most of them I love too but there was a couple times his humor was a little too adult (most of his videos I have absolutely no problems with, but I do suggest previewing them).  

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Our favorite history audiobooks for this age are the unabridged recordings of the Little House books by LI Wilder, the GA Henry abridged recordings by Jim Weiss, and the Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence.



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I didn't know the Roman Mysteries were available as audiobooks!  This is very exciting.


OP, the American Girl books and History Mysteries are very good.  Also maybe the Who Was? audiobooks. 


If you spend a lot of time in the car, Jim Weiss's SOTW audiobook is excellent.

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