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Pre-Algebra Review/Algebra Readiness Prep?

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My kids need to take an Algebra readiness test in a few weeks and want to review. I'm having a hard time finding something appropriate. I started w/the first chapters in the Algebra book that I normally use, which is essentially a review, but it's not covering what I expect to be on the test (calculations) but dealing more with setting up equations and reviewing variables. It's a good refresher for starting Algebra, but doesn't really go over math.


Then we went to AOPS and did their readiness test to find holes, but I think it's harder than it needs to be and packs too many skills into 1 question for me to figure out what they need help on. They've been working through Alcumus all year anyway and I know that it would take too long to redo it as a review.


Then I went to Khan Academy and it's the opposite of AOPS- ridiculously easy! We've taken the end of unit tests for the preAlgebra sections but they don't seem to surpass a 4th-5th grade level of difficulty.


They'll be taking the test through the public school system to see if they can take Algebra at the school. Any ideas for a refresher that's quick and focused and preferably online since we are short on time? I could review their end of unit MM tests, but we've done all those during the year and I was looking for something different that may catch things MM didn't cover and just give them something more fun or at least different than what we've done all year.


Not reviewing would make them stress out- they are asking for practice.

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My kids did Horizons math through grade 6 which prepared them exceedingly well in arithmetic.


If you are interested in testing arithmetic skills, you could use the Horizons 6 quarter tests and the final exam. That should cover all essential arithmetic. I don't have it with me at the moment, but I think the Horizons TM has these test masters as well as the answer keys for them.

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