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Vit B3 deficiency can cause miscarriages and birth defects

Noreen Claire

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I was just listening to this from the BBC. It seems to be a very limited group affected. Families with a certain genetic make up may respond to having more B3.


I've got to say this isn't completely new either. When I was pregnant with my oldest, who is 23, doctors were saying something similar related to prevention of birth defects.

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Also, what exactly is vegemite?

It's an Australian product. For entertainment you can read all the opinion pieces on vegemite vs marmite (just kidding). http://vegemite.com.au


I was put on Vitamin B Complex as well as folic acid though in my home country due to being anemic, low blood pressure and asthma. The B Complex was for stress in general. I was also recommended fish oil or to eat more salmon. Prenatal health care isn't tied to insurance back home so people can pick any obgyn they want for prenatal care.


The B3 deficiency affects a particular gene mutation though


"Professor Roberts says the study does not mean that taking niacin/vitamin B3 in pregnancy prevents birth defects.


"The Australian population is not considered to be deficient in niacin," she says.


David Amor, a clinical geneticist at Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne, says the research paper is describing a new genetic condition, but one that is likely to be very rare.


"What is most interesting is that these birth defects are potentially treatable if the mother is given niacin (NAD) supplementation during pregnancy," he says.


"A broader question is whether dietary niacin deficiency might play a role in birth defects even in the absence of the genetic deficiency of NAD, and whether dietary supplementation of niacin might be of benefit to pregnant women in the general population." http://www.businessinsider.com/australian-scientists-have-found-b3-a-key-vitamin-in-vegemite-could-guard-against-miscarriages-and-birth-defects-2017-8

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Taking B3 supplements just tends to not be enough due to the way our body breaks it down. Either increasing meat consumption or high levels of greens is the best way to get B3.


I am glad to see this research being done. As another poster has said, this isn't new. One more time early scientific findings went ignored. However, this research was done well and got out there so that is great!


Anyone else get the song Down Under by Men at Work stuck in their head when they hear the word "vegemite"?


"I say do you speak-a my language? He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich"


Blast those terrible 80s songs...

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